Friday, April 22, 2011

Is Ron Paul Thinking Presidential Win, Not Education?

There are probably a lot of Ron Paul supporters who think a Ron Paul campaign will be about educating the public about liberty and what it really means, but does Ron Paul have bigger plans? Does he think That, with the current domestic crises and global military adventurism, people are fed up and scared enough that he has a shot at making it into the White House?

Lew Rockwell is speculating that Ron Paul may be considering hiring a big time libertarian Republican consultant. Rockwell throws out the names Roger Stone and Ed Rollins. If you see one of these names or a similar name  joining the Paul campaign, it for sure means Ron Paul is going all in. It means Dr. Paul thinks he can go all the way. Compared to 2008, it sounds like a 2012 Ron Paul campaign could be rocket fueled versus wagon train stuff.

It appears that Congressman Paul has a solid hard core base of 6% of Republican voters, who are very smart, hard working and enthusiastic. If Paul can effectively use that base to reach out to other voters, the numbers begin to add up, and Ron Paul in the White House becomes a very real possibility. And that in my mind is like having Thomas Jefferson in the White House (maybe a little better).


  1. We definitely need Paul to run again. It's going to take radical change to turn our country around. I don't see any other candidate out there who has the understanding of economics, the ability to communicate that understanding and the enthusiastic support that he does.

  2. Wow! This is a significant change in perspective. Ed Rollins - not perfect, but I've always thought he was a straight shooter. Again, this story is a VERY significant change in perspective - especially since Jacob Huebert's speech in Chicago was in today's batch of posts. What's happening, now??

  3. maybe he can educate and dominate at the same time

  4. Just in time to take credit for the economic collapse caused by others.

    While I agree with Wenzel's analysis, I fear a win by any libertarian would serve to discredit libertarians, the Austrian school, etc. Any initiative to rein in deficit spending, overseas intervention, entitlements, monetary inflation by the FED will collapse the debt and inflation-dependent consumption-based economy.

    This collapse of course needs to happen and will happen; I just don't want a statesman like Ron Paul to be blamed for something he fought against for decades.

    Now that I've expressed my fears, I confess I will support Ron Paul and his correct ideas in every way.

  5. Ron Paul in the White House would be A LOT better than Thomas Jefferson. Although he did eliminate virtually all direct federal taxation and drastically reduce the national debt, President Jefferson also violated the Constitution (admittedly so!) with the Louisiana Purchase, he did not abolish the central bank and used it for patronage purposes, promoted federal subsidies for public education, raised tariffs, encouraged state governments to prosecute his political enemies, violated the separation of powers by meddling in Aaron Burr's treason trial, and, worst of all, imposed a ruinous trade embargo that wrecked the economy and caused many New Englanders to starve to death. (And we wonder why many New Englanders have long been skeptical of Jeffersonian principles!)

    In short, Ron Paul, who has almost always voted in line with his principles, would be a vast improvement over scheming, hypocritical, and inconsistent Thomas Jefferson. And all this is coming from a Thomas Jefferson fan!

  6. Remember the Ron Paul money bomb on May 5th!