Monday, April 18, 2011

Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames iPad For American Unemployment

I will really be impressed with the regressives who decry advances in technology when they start dumping their cars for horse and buggies, to help out horse ranchers and carriage makers.

And if Jesse starts writing on clay tablets, to bring back tablet maker jobs, I will be even more impressed.

The fact of the matter is that the world is always changing. It is mostly, advancing, when the likes of government interventionists like Jesse Jackson Jr. don't get in the way. But, we aren't in the Garden of Eden, so there will always be jobs for people in easing the burdens of life. Advancing technology just increases the productivity and comfort for all of us. I can't imagine anyone seriously claiming that the era of outhouses, no running water, no air conditioning, no central heating, no electric lighting should have been maintined becasue it saved the jobs of most paper fan makers, log suppliers and outhouse builders. Despite advances that have eliminated these burdens (and also jobs), there have been plenty of new jobs for workers. Does Jesse Jackson Jr. seriously think that the iPad will somehow stop former bookstore clerks from finding new jobs? Does he not understand that becasue we are not in a world of plenty, that simple supply and demand economics will mean that anyone who wants to find a job will be able to do so (provided interventionists do not set regulations that make it difficult, or impossible, to do hiring)


  1. Someone needs to get him a copy of Economics in One Lesson.

  2. This illustrates so well the inspiration for the fictional characters in Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."

    I wouldn't have believed a grown man could actually come up with this line of reasoning. I am not sure what he is proposing to do about it and that's the part that is really scary.

  3. Don't hold your breath. In California they don't even want to give up free cars. :)

  4. Junior thinks that government should be the employer of last resort, if not also the employer of only resort.

    Maybe C-CSPAN could be persuaded not to cover Junior's rants in the future, since doing so puts town criers out of work.

  5. Without even addressing his fundamental lack of understanding of economics he has one huge problem with his entire position: He states that ipads are causing people to loose their jobs/will cause people to loose their jobs. Yet, he bought an ipad. Therefore, according to his "logic" he is funding the company who he believes is/will cause Americans to be unemployed, which makes him part of the "problem." His "logic" is not even consistent. I guess its the typical washington motto: "Do as I say not as i do."

  6. It's also asinine given the left's environmental "concern." If I drive to the closest Borders to buy a $10 book, I suffer a 20%-25% cost added to the book in gasoline alone -- not counting my time. The left wants to force people to stop using gasoline and drive less. How is Borders supposed to stay in business anyway?

  7. Why not also ask this question: Why has border's closed up shop but Barnes and Nobles persevered. Some like answers are as follows.

    They saw the electronic threat early and released the Knook (I believe that's their e-reader). They also from my experience, had a much bigger store in my area, with more space between shelving and plenty of comfortable areas to simply sit and read.

    Why not vilify B&N for doing it share in putting their competition out of business.

    Hell, the internet helped put Circuit City out of business, yet Best Buy is still alive. They actually bought the old building Circuit City used to rent and now have two stores in less than a mile of each other.

    I hate this mentality of, "there takin our jerbs."

  8. This is on par "dumbness wise" with the congress-idiot that was afraid of the island in the pacific flipping over from the weight of additional military equipment being placed on the island. And here I thought regressives wanted to save trees. Someone should inform this moron to maybe make a study of a country that adopted a similar view of technology -- North Korea.