Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mitt Romney: I'm Not Going to Focus on the Federal Reserve

Mitt Romney, who just formed a presidential exploratory committee, told Larry Kudlow tonight, when asked about the Fed:
  I think Ben Bernanke is a student of monetary policy; he's doing as good a job as he thinks he can do.
When Kudlow followed up by asking what kind of job Bernanke is doing, Romney replied:
 I'm not going to spend my time going after Ben Bernanke. I'm not going to spend my time focusing on the Federal Reserve.
And there you have it, despite the economy going thorough one of its worst periods because of Federal Reserve manipulations of interest rates and the money supply. And despite the fact that we are on the verge of a huge new bout of price inflation, Romney is not going to focus on this.

BTW: Romney really knows how to rough it. He is Mormon and served his required missionary time in France.


  1. I think Ben Bernanke is a student of monetary policy; he's doing as good a job as he thinks he can do.

    I take it this means Mitt Romney believes perception is reality? Now that's a rational metaphysical philosophy that can't possibly lead to disastrous consequences for anyone else!

  2. Mitt Romney uses the "Big Love" theory of economics. You don't have to solve anything because in the long run, we're all dead.

  3. as I see it, another oligarch enters the cage match.

  4. Set the Fed and Bernanke aside for a minute. Do you think for a SINGLE SECOND that Mitt Romney will do anything but continue the past policies of Obama and Bush and Clinton, et al?

    He will simply continue on the path we're on. Government spending will continue to increase, we'll continue to print money, and inflation will continue . . . and he will have no clue why the country continues to slide down the hole.

    Thank God he wasn't elected last time, and hopefully he won't get elected this time. I'd rather have Obama than this guy. He will enable the TBTF's to continue their course that much.

  5. "I think Ben Bernanke is a student of 風水 [or wicca, tasseomancy, oneiromancy, or whatever]; he's doing as good a job as he thinks he can do.

    So am I for my clients who think it's time to stop talking about TALF. They'd like me to talk about the future and about how can get America working again."



  6. Set the Fed and Bernanke aside for a minute. Do you think for a SINGLE SECOND that Mitt Romney will do anything but continue the past policies of Obama and Bush and Clinton, et al?

    True, but I'm more and more convinced that ending the Fed is the single most important thing that can be done. I've been anti-fed for 30 years (even before I knew about Ron Paul), but it's only the last few years that I've come to realize that Ron Paul's obsession with the Fed is right on target. The budget mischief in D.C. would be so much more difficult without the Fed that ending the Fed might the the only real hope of dealing with it.

    ...and it's not even on Romney's radar!

  7. How many more trillions can be given away?

    How many more countries do we have to bomb?

    How many more lies do we have to be told about Fukushima and the radiation dangers?

    How many more medical marijuana clinics do we have to bust?

    How many more illegal aliens do we want to cross the border?

    How many more molestations at airports do we want?

    How many more times can we sit back and let the Fed say I'm not gonna tell you where the money went?

    I don't think Mitt could have done worse than Obama or Bush, nor do I wish to find out.

    I would recommend Cynthia McKinney.

  8. I was actually a Romney supporter until I read this. Thanks for pointing out that he's just another bankster.

  9. Romney is one of the team players. TPTB own them all and really could care less who wins. It's not about Republicans or Democrats or Independents, thats just the bread and circuses to keep us entertained (distracted?) Ultimately it's more business as usual.

  10. I take his statement to mean: "I have no idea what the Fed is or does so I'm staying away from that topic because I'll look like an ass".

  11. He's as ignorant as John McCain! Just goes to show, having "business experience" doesn't make one an economist.

  12. I'm Rothbardian, but I'm also Mormon. Mitt is clueless about the banking cartel and the military-industrial complex, but I don't understand your "BTW." What does the missionary experience have to do with "roughing it," and the mission experience is not "required."

  13. Well, according to the web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, under missionary work, it says:

    The Lord has declared that missionary work is the responsibility of all who follow Him (see Matthew 28:19–20; D&C 88:81.

    Perhaps you may quibble over the fact that I said missionary work is "required" rather than the "responsibility" , but it appears based on the quote above, missionary work is certainly expected of every Mormon.

    As far as Romney doing his missionary work in France, while, I guess, potential converts can be found even in Cannes during the film festival, it certainly does not strike me as missionary work comparable to those who spend time seeking converts among the poor of third world nations. Missionary work, perhaps, needs to be done in France, but it is certainly not roughing it, whether roughing it is required of missionary work or not. I simply think it says something about the character of Romney that he would choose France for his missionary work. This might perhaps be my unfamiliarity with the manner in which Mormons view missionary work. I mean no disrespect to those of the Mormon faith, but to an outsider, doing missionary work in France is going to raise a few eyebrows.

  14. I think I understood the gist of the "roughing it" comment, but you should know that missionaries don't chose where they are sent. It's chosen for them based on a number of factors which the individual has no influence over (unless he or she happens to be a fluent speaker of Hungarian, and then Hungary might be a good guess). At that point the prospective missionary can either accept or reject the assignment. It is out of the ordinary for anyone to reject it. So there you have it.

    Also, I wouldn't say it's a "quibble" to distinguish between required and responsibility. The voluntary nature of the program is important, just as the voluntary nature of the market should be important.

    No offense taken, and down with Mitt Romney.

  15. Yes, I am also a Mormon who understands the banking and military cartels, so I reject Romney and support Ron Paul. Yes, missionaries have no choice in where they go. I would actually contend that France is "roughing it" more than a 3rd world country. Although they both have their different difficulties, converts are much more difficult to find in Europe, where you have a lot more frustration, contention, and harassment. In somewhere like South America or Africa, the people are much nicer and open-minded, and the missionary finds much more success. I was in South Africa where I saw both sides of that coin. My time in the nice areas of RSA were much more difficult and troubling.

    And yes, missionary work is very much encouraged, but is not required. Nobody faults Steve Young or Jimmer Fredette for not serving. :)