Thursday, April 14, 2011

National Ron Paul MeetUp Day Announced

Trevor Lyman emails:

Michael Nystrom, Kurt Wallace and myself have recently learned about a new "meetup everywhere" platform offered by that has been created and launched specifically for "movements" and large national campaigns like ours. Many of the obstacles that made it hard for the meetup groups to communicate with one another, have been removed. Additionally this new platform is free and there is no need to create a new meetup account to use it. You can even sign in with your facebook account if you like.

We're asking our liberty movement to start using this new national meetup platform under the banner of a national MeetUp day for Ron Paul this April 19th. The idea is to encourage him to run for office, to let people know about his new book (which seems like it will be THE de facto guide for the liberty message in our time), and to make some noise for our message of liberty in general.

I encourage you to check out the new effort at and to join or create a group in your city or town. Remember, it's free, easy to use, does not require you create a new account and offers us a new and unique way for us to come together. It's a win, win win for our movement!

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