Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NYC Councilman will not Propose Ban on the Foods He Eats, Just the Kids' Foods

New York City Councilman Leroy Comrie wants to be the newest Daddy for all who pass through or live in NYC. Comrie is about to propose legislation that will ban McDonald's "Happy Meals"  and similar fast food promotions aimed at kids, unless those meals meet certain nutritional standards.

"As you know, and I’m an example, nearly one-third of all children in New York City and throughout the United States are either overweight or obese,” Comrie told CBS News in New York.

I called Comrie's office to see if he actually had any clue as to the usefulness of such a  ban, setting aside for the moment the problem of the  authoritarian view that Comrie holds that the city of NY has the right to impose his view on how parents should bring up their children. I called and asked what projections the councilman had on the gross amount of weight loss he expected for children in the city if the ban is implemented. Comrie's chief of staff,  Rance Huff, not surprisingly, told me he didn't know and that they aren't "experts on the matter." He said he hoped to get that answer at hearings to be held later this year. I asked Huff if the ban on McDonald's type promotions might cause parents to shift to even less nutritious foods. I asked, for example, if marshmallows should be banned for sale to adults who have children or candy shaped like Easter bunnies. He didn't seem to have an answer.

Finally, in Comrie's comments to CBS News, he indicated that he is an example of the overweight-obesity problem, so I asked Huff if there was any plan to ban any of the foods that Comrie eats. After, a short pause, Huff told me, "No".

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  1. Another step backward in the race between San Francisco and New York City to see which can become an unlivable socialist hell-hole first.

    I find it telling that Bloomberg was annoyed when Census numbers for NYC were below projections. From the NY Daily News:

    "We don't quite understand the numbers," he said. "It just doesn't make any sense at all."

    Keep thinking, Mikey. You might just come up with something.