Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Price of Ron Paul Liberty Coin Skyrockets

Rising precious metals prices and government confiscations are fueling collector and investor interest in the Liberty Dollar medallions, and driving prices for the pieces to new heights, reports Coin World.

In addition to rising prices, according to Coin World, prices have moved even higher after the November 2007 seizure by the FBI and Secret Service of tons of Liberty Dollars. Prices have continued on the rise since the March 2011 prosecution and conviction of the creator of the Liberty Dollar, Bernard von NotHaus.

Among the Liberty Dollars in greatest, according to Coin Worls, are pieces bearing the obverse portrait of Congressman Ron Paul.

For example, a $1,000 face value 1-ounce gold 2008 Ron Paul Liberty Dollar brought $3,168 in an eBay auction that closed April 6. The piece was serial-numbered 118 out of 200 pieces produced. The price was more than twice the bullion value (based on the London PM fix of $1,461.50 April 6).

The 1-ounce gold Liberty Dollar from the same series bearing serial No. 159 sold for $3,500 in another eBay auction that closed April 11.


  1. Not flaming Ron or anything, but I think buying coins for their bullion value only, is the smartest thing to do.

  2. Thay only made 200 of them, as I understand. He's going to be the next President of the USA and will be the best President of the USA. Period. What's a George Washington autograph worth?