Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quantico Blocks Official Visits by UN, Amnesty, and Rep. Kucinich to Bradley Manning

Michael Whitney at Firedoglake reports:

Government officials and Quantico Marine base have blocked official visits to PFC. Bradley Manning by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Amnesty International, and the UN Special Rappateur on torture.

According to Manning’s attorney, Kucinich, Amnesty, and UN have been trying to get clearance for “official visits” to Manning at the Quantico Marine brig. An “official visit” is different from an “authorized visit” in that an “authorized visit” – one made by family or friends and approved by the brig and Manning – is subject to full surveillance by the brig. An official visit would be one conducted by those officials on government business, and would not be subject to monitoring by the brig. So essentially, the government and the brig are saying you can come visit Manning, but we’re going to watch and record every thing you say, and those recordings could be used as evidence against Manning at his trial.

Manning’s attorney stated that Kucinich, Amnesty, and the UN are not allowed to have an official visit “because none of these individuals are conducting ‘official government business.’” This is, of course, ludicrous. Rep. Kucinich is a sitting Member of Congress with a seat on the Oversight Committee, and he submitted official notices to the Department of Defense that he wanted to inspect the conditions of Manning’s confinement. Additionally, the UN Special Rappateur on Torture has opened an investigation into Manning’s detention and would be visiting in his official capacity.

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  1. Spooky, that a sitting Congressman cannot visit CPL Manning.

    What an out-of-control military, right here on American soil.