Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rand Paul Rips Romney, Trump, Ryan and Obama

During an interview with John Distaso of the Manchester Union Leader, Ran Paul pulled no punches. On Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, he said:
Romneycare was such a bad model for 'Obamacare.' Once you allow that the state is going to mandate and decide what insurance has to sell, it really is such an anathema to capitalism and to freedom and individual liberty, that I don't know how a good solid Republican conservative could sign a piece of legislation like that.

[Romney]has to explain why he supported that, and it's not a passing issue, it's one-sixth of our economy. He could say the Democrats made it worse, but he signed the bill.

It's a horrific piece of legislation that presaged what we got from Obamacare.
On Trump, Rand said:
[Trump]can talk about the President's education, and yet he claims to have such great economic education himself and to be so smart and so rich. But he's going to talk down the oil prices by telling OPEC they just can't charge that much? I wonder what school of economics teaches that as a way to bring down prices.

It's an economically foolish notion to think that we can call up Saudi Arabia and tell them to charge less.
TRand on the President:
I see this President as being the most anti-business, anti-energy , anti-capitalism, you-name-it, President we've every had.
On Paul Ryan's budget plan, which Rand points out adds $7 trillion to the budget over 10 years, Rand said:
I don't that our country can stand increasing deficit by $1 trillion a year over the next 10 years.


  1. That is because Obama is a murdering psychopath wanting to kill happy and prosperous life in the USA. Many people think he is just a parasite socialist moron but he is really a psychopath no different than Jeffrey Dalmer, Gaddafi, Soros, or the Clintons.

  2. Paul Ryan?
    He voted for Bush's spending plans, but he won't vote for Geo. W. Obama's now? Come on, when's this charade gonna tank?