Monday, April 4, 2011

Tepco to Dump Radioactive Water Into Sea

Japanese nuclear technicians plan to release 10,000 tons of moderately radioactive water into the sea from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station, reports FT.

Note this is being identified as "moderately" radioactive. Why so?  Becasue they are doing so to create room to store more highly contaminated water building up at the plant.

According to FT,  a manager at Tokyo Electric Power, the station’s operator, broke into tears while announcing the emergency measure on , and apologised for the “additional hardship” being placed on communities near the plant.


  1. the amount released is negligible, there is A LOT of water even in a small harbour. sea water already contains small amounts of uranium and even dumping all of the human made radioactive material in the sea wont change a thing. russians have dumped every sort of radioactive waste in the sea for decades and i cannot really recollect any greenpeace demonstration against it.

  2. @BashTheMsm you have a good point there.

    Due to tragic incidents these past month, the country is still in hot spot due to its nuclear plant failure. I think this would produce another hot environmental debate.