Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trump: "I Am Very Good in Foreign Affairs"

WSJ's Kelly Evans interview with Donald Trump is below. In the interview, he told her that he was "very good in foreign affairs". He then told Evans that the U.S. should grab Libya's oil and when asked about Iraq, he responded that he would grab Iraq's oil, because Iran would do so once the U.S. left Iraq.

As for China, he said that although he was "all for free trade", China was taking advantage of the United States and that he would warn China and slap a 25% tariff on Chinese imports if they did not change their ways.

Clearly, Trump has no clue as to the concept of comparative advantage and why it may actually make sense for China to be exporting the goods that  they do to the U.S.

His "grab the oil" foreign policy appears to be in line with present day leaders, although more bluntly stated. He did not discuss the blowback ramifications of such a policy.


  1. I'm trying to decide what Trump is. My early call is that he is a mercantilist. I'll wait for him to prove me wrong.

  2. My cat has forgotten more economic theory than The Donald has ever learned.

  3. I like how ignorant these stupid conservatives are. Yes, slap a tariff on China and see how willing it is to buy the US's junk debt then. It's already becoming reluctant.