Monday, April 25, 2011

The Truth About Churchill, Truman, FDR, Wilson and Trotsky

The problem with the history we are taught in schools is that it is taught by instructors with an interventionist bent using history books based on interventionist theories. It is hard to sift through the nonsense to create a clear picture, since in many cases key facts are distorted or omitted.

Being the curious type, I have imagined that, if I were a billionaire, one thing I would do is find someone who was very intelligent, could write well, and understood the importance of liberty and say to this person, "Look, you have 10 years, 20 years, whatever it takes, study the 20th Century for me then write a report about what the world wars were about and what the leaders were really like. Tell me who the real bastards were and how the world got into these wars."

I no longer dream of the day I will be able to put such a person under my employ to find the truth. The report has been written. Great Wars & Great Leaders: A Libertarian Rebuttal, the collected writings of Ralph Raico, provides all the important details of the 20th Century world wars. It details how the wars came about, and reveals the truth about the ruthless leaders that are responsible for millions upon millions of deaths.

Forget whatever else you are reading, this is the book you need to read now. It is informed, intelligent writing with wit. Most important, it reveals the truth about the 20th century great wars, by a man who understands liberty.

In the foreward, Robert Higgs tells us that Raico attended Ludwig von Mises's famous seminar at New York University and also completed his dissertation at the University of Chicago under F.A. Hayek. He was also a friend of Murray Rothbard's. Enough said for credentials on understanding the value of liberty. You will see that understanding clearly shine through in this book.

In this book Raico covers it all, including much detail on how the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand led to World War One. Raico details the wicked role that Winston Churchill played in the expansion of the war. You won't for a minute think of Churchill as a hero after reading this book. Raico shows that Churchill had a sick love for war. "It began early," writes Raico. "As a child he had a huge collection of toy soldiers, 1500 of them, and he played with them for years after most boys turn to other things...He loved war as few modern men ever have- he even loved 'the bangs' as he called them..."

You will learn that most of those, from all sides in the wars, were nothing but madmen seeking power. And Raico does not protect so-called great U.S leaders. For example, to provide us, for a taste of the power-crazed Truman, Raico takes us to the post-World War ll period and informs us that, "In May 1946. Truman decided that the proper response to the strike of railroad workers was to draft the strikers into the Army." The House actually approved his proposal in a bill that passed 306 to 13, but the bill was rejected by the Senate.

The evil power hungry ways of FDR, Stalin, Wilson and Trotsky are all in Raico's report. Remarkably. it is all done in 235 pages, but read the 235 pages and you will understand the real history of the wars.

If your knowledge about the world wars of the 20th century is limited by what you learned in high school and college, this book will stun you. It puts the history of the entire period in perspective. It helps you understand the power mad leaders that are required to get the world in to war. In short, this book is a great weapon against war.


  1. There's a series of books put out by Richard Maybury which is written for middle and high school students called the Uncle Eric books which I own a few of and am saving for my own children.

    Then there's, "A century of war," by William Engdahl.

    There are others of course but these come immediately to mind.

  2. Raico also wrote the excellent evisceration of FDR called "Fascism Comes to America."

  3. What silliness, get a life you crazies!

    RJ Garfunkel

  4. RJ Garfunkel is going to learn to read next year.

  5. Pat Buchanan's "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War" opened my eyes about many aspects of the history of WWI and how it was arranged to lead to WWII.

    Not one of the participating countries has a clean shirt.

    1. The Treaty of Versailles (largely unenforced) being held up as the motive for WWII bothered me for some time until I learned about Thyssen's grooming of Hitler to be the front man as Western capitalists conspired in backroom dealings to reconstruct an obliterated nation forced to sign an Unconditional Surrender into the greatest economic, technological, industrial and military power the world had ever 21 years. Amazing.

      And everyone just forgot about the Treaty of Versailles.

      For as long as there is profit in war, wars will be staged for profit.

  6. And some more interesting revisionism:

    "Suvorov shows Stalin's personal responsibility for the war's outbreak and progression. Above all, this book details the vast Soviet preparations for an invasion of Europe in the summer of 1941 with the goal of Sovietizing central and western Europe"

    "Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?" by Viktor Suvorov

  7. My grandmother stopped after having 1 son.. no grist for the war machine (after bloody/brutal WWI)ergo, my father was the only son & kept on farm during WWII. I was born in 1943 & have my grandmother's diary during WWII. she called Hitler, Churchill, FDR and Stalin all war mongers. She wrote happily of their deaths in her diary.
    Maybe I've inherited some of that. lol..

  8. It is high time some of the deliberate lies written by the victors in war to be be put right. Both Britain and America has been portrayed in the West as champions of peace and democracy and now we are finally told the truth that they are the culprits.
    Wordwarrior5 28 April, 2011

  9. Trotsky was assinated in Cancun, Mexico. Your problem is the worldwide control/influence of the Catholic Church. They have been in business for 15,000 years.

  10. I remember my dad cursing Churchill (Dad was a student of Irish history among other things) when I was a young man. It seems he practiced warring by killing the Irish as they tried to gain their freedom from the English. May the english be consumed by their own brand of socialism.

  11. Has anyone seen the G. Edward Griffin interview of Norman Dodd? That, among other things propelled me further on the path of libertarianism. I believe Dodd is briefly mentioned in Rothbard's article "Swan Song of the Old Right." What is shocking (at first) is Kathryn Casey's discovery in the early 20th century meeting minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Orwellian peace through perpetual war to change America and the world. America soon found itself in WWI. I think that Carroll Quigley also told his students (including Clinton)that these wars are to mold society--America does not fight them to "win." When will the boobs wake up and stop putting up?

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