Thursday, April 21, 2011

VIDEO: Helicopter Ben Stars in New YouTube-Like Video about the Fed

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is so scared that Congress may require the Fed to be audited, the way Ron Paul would like to see an audit conducted, that Bogus Ben now has  a video out on the front page of the Federal Reserve web site providing a lame explanation of Fed activities. In this thigh slapper, the Bernak says the Fed is charged with keeping unemployment low and prices stable. I'll leave the idea that prices should actually be falling for another day, but price aren't falling, they aren't stable, they are going through the roof. Further, unemployment continues at exceedingly high levels.

If stable prices and low unemployment are what the Fed is supposed to be about, then Bernanke should be fired and replaced by a framed picture of this guy.


  1. Does anyone, ANYONE, believe this drivel? He has the look of a man who knows he will soon be behind bars...

  2. Yes, Mr. Chairman, surely lots of people WILL be learning more about the Federal Reserve, but, unfortunately for you, they're much more likely to choose YouTube than the Fed's videos with happily chirping birds and gentle water fountains. Once again, the Fed is late to the party.

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