Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Prescription Medication is Donald Trump On?

Donald Trump has been making a series of YouTube videos called "From the Desk of Donald Trump", it's clear he is doing this without an advance man.

In the videos, just behind his left shoulder are what appear to be two pill bottles, one is a yellow bottle that is not immediately recognizable as to what it is. The other bottle, as a friend points out, is clearly a prescription bottle. The friend advised us to blow the video up to HD level full screen and it becomes obvious the white bottle is a prescription bottle.

This is probably the first time, and last time, you will ever see a potential presidential candidate speaking with a prescription bottle(s) in the backdrop. Now that it appears, as the result of his own video, that The Donald is on medication, will he disclose what the medication is?


  1. Clearly Trump is adhering to a pretty strict drug regimen to keep his mind limber. My guess is Adderall XR and Xanax.

  2. Who does he think he is, Michael Dukakis?

  3. I'm more concerned about the bust of Kennedy.

    Trump is J.A.N. (Just Another Neocon).

  4. Yellow bottle is most likely Bayer Aspirin

  5. Donald seems like a nice guy but who knows. The pill bottle? Who cares.

    My concern is how can he think that OPEC is ripping us off? China maybe, but OPEC? Sounds like political BS rhetoric to get votes from people upset that it costs $100 to fill up their gas hog.

  6. Yellow bottles is for worms