Tuesday, April 26, 2011

YouTube Is Said to Be Near a Major Film Rental Deal

A two-year effort by YouTube, owned by Google, to get major Hollywood studios to offer their new-release movies for rental is coming closer to reality, reports NYT.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers have agreed, according to NYT, to rent movies via YouTube, according to two studio executives who spoke on condition of anonymity because they said YouTube wanted to make the announcement. Rental fees are expected to be comparable to those charged by rivals like iTunes.

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  1. I hope Youtube makes that internationally available, because, in many european countries, we often have to wait for four weeks+ for the new Hollywood releases, with all the U.S. movie websites having gone through the newscycle on the movie well-before the event comes to town.

    I would not mind renting a new release movie online without subtitles, in fact, I would prefer the non-subtitled version.