Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Did Obama Kill His Re-Election Chances By Killing Osama?

While some contend the killing of Osama bin Laden all but assures a second term in office for President Obama, this appears to me to be a hasty conclusion.

First, the election is more than a year away. A lot can happen in this time period before the election, especially with regard to price inflation, which is teetering on the edge of a major upside breakout.

Second, it is now clear, as the story develops, that the raid on bin Laden's hideout was a kill operation and that there was no plan to take bin Laden alive. And that the opportunity to take bin Laden alive was very real.

Aside from the questionable legal grounds for such a kill operation and the stoking of anger toward the U.S. from the Muslim world that the killing has created, the U.S. masses are most apt to negatively react to the fact that by killing bin Laden, versus capturing him alive, the President has killed a target who presumably held all the details about the al Queda operation. The Republicans have to lay low for a bit, but slowly bringing this fact to the forefront and making it the centerpiece of a campaign that makes the President look like a poor decision maker in not keeping such a valuable source of information alive, may result in the President having killed his re-election chances, along with the killing of Osama.  


  1. His re-election chances depend on issues with the economy and nothing else. The supposed killing of bin Laden will have been forgotten by the sheeple by the end of the summer. Next year, when filling up their tanks at $7.00 per gallon, the gullible masses will not say, "At least he got bin Laden! USA!"

  2. I think in 3 to 6 to 9 months, the fact he got bin Laden will be completely irrelevant when the Iraqi will have tossed the US Military out and the Republicans will screaming at him about losing that, Afghanistan will still be one big drag and Stagflation is seen everywhere.

  3. Frankly, I think most Americans are glad OBL is DEAD. Even if he had been captured, he should have been given the death penalty. Assassination, hanging, trial, whatever.

    HOW the Adnministration has handled this whole thing is absolute amateur hour. THAT is what will linger with voters, not the question of if we should have captured OBL or not. Osama bin Laden is dead. That is a public relations slam dunk. Instead, Obama's people have created a PR disaster. How do you screw that up this bad?

    No photos? No proof? Give him religious last rites?! BURIAL AT *SEA*?!?! Take their word for it? Seriously? How we can take their word when they can't even get their stories (plural) straight?

    Conflicting accounts from multiple government sources? Where to begin.

    -His wife was killed, no wait, she was just shot, no wait, she's fine. It was ANOTHER man's wife who was killed. No wait, it was Osama's mistress. Or not. But his wife's alive! We think.

    -His son was killed, no, wait, his OTHER son was killed. Uh, they were both killed. Wait, we don't know yet. One of them died, we're pretty sure. We think.

    -He was shot twice in the head. No, wait, he was shot once in the head, once in the chest. He was armed! Oh wait, he wasn't. Or, wait, he was. Uh, no he wasn't. But he still resisted! So we shot him. We think.

    So, we buried everyone at sea, with full military honors, complete with Hindu ceremony. He was Hindu, right? Oh wait . . .

    This is how bad this is getting. If you thought Obamacare haunted the Dem congress last year, just wait. This will haunt Obama into 2012. You don't screw up Osama bin Laden's death and expect to be (re)elected president.

  4. It's now being reported that nobody in the compound was armed, and that Bin Laden was captured alive before being shot dead in front of his 12-year-old daughter and other family members.

    Americans might not care about cold-blooded murder, but will they tire of being lied to?

  5. Wow, interesting observation. I never considered it from that angle before. I sure hope you are right, it would be devastating for him or anyone else other than Ron Paul to be elected in 2012!

  6. Isn't "price" inflation a misnomer? Prices can't inflate, only the money supply can inflate.

  7. With Biden rumored to be on the way out, is there any doubt an Obama/Tony Soprano ticket in 2012 wouldn't gather 95% of the vote?