Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Hires High-Powered Attorneys

IMF head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is alleged to have sexually attacked on Saturday a New York City Sofitel Hotel maid, has hired high-powered NYC attorney, Benjamin Brafman.

New York Magazine describes Brafman this way:
A self-described “short Jewish guy” who slept through yeshiva and did stand-up in the Catskills, Ben Brafman has become one of New York’s toughest defense attorneys, winning surprising acquittals for rather long-shot clients..Brafman uses his down-to-earth pedigree to put people at ease. He’ll even joke about his equally down-to-earth stature (he boldly claims five feet six) to score points with juries. “He’s short, and he uses it well,” says criminal-defense lawyer Fred Hafetz, recalling a multi-defendant bid-rigging case he tried with Brafman. “Ben told the jury: ‘The prosecutor wants you to believe this story. I want to be six inches taller. But neither one of us is going to get our wish.’”

His detractors see a darker side, accusing Brafman of using underhanded, albeit legal, courtroom tactics to win, and cynically manipulating the press with carefully orchestrated leaks.
Brafman is working in conjunction with D.C-based attorney William Taylor. Legal Times calls Taylor one of the "10 top criminal defense attorneys in Washington DC."


  1. Amazing how scum know just who to call.

  2. Brafman must be an experienced litigator and professional lawyer. He might have learned a lot of techniques and tactics out of his previous cases but, let's admit it, that's how case trials go.

  3. I agree with the previous comment. Brafman used his knowledge, skills and attitude to win the case. He was able to win the case due to the fact that he's also one of the toughest attorneys in NYC. He's an experienced lawyer.

  4. Lawyers are doing their best just to win the cases whether their clients are plaintiff or defendant. I would agree that Brafman used his knowledge, skills and attitude to win the case and to prove himself that He's a great lawyer.

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