Thursday, May 19, 2011

Donald Trump Probably Wishes He Never Said He Was Running for President...

...because now he is getting a lot of unwanted attention. NYT reports:
The New York attorney general’s office is investigating whether a for-profit school founded by Donald J. Trump, which charges students up to $35,000 a course, has engaged in illegal business practices, according to people briefed on the inquiry.

The investigation was prompted by about a dozen complaints about the Trump school, which the attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, has found to be “credible” and “serious,” these people said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation was not yet public.
I would think that twelve complaints would be a drop in the bucket for many firms in NYC, but if you are The Donald and you have just drawn a big target on your back, you are going to be a target.
Note to outsiders thinking of getting into the national political game: Don't do it.  It is a very tough game.


  1. It is better to have him in the private sector, where we know failure isn't rewarded for the most part.

  2. Why would you say "outsiders"? There are some people whom simply practice ethical business. It's ethical people who don't want to be involved in politics. Donald is just transparently stupid, whereas your average politician knows how to keep the cards moving so you only ever see the illusion.

  3. I hope he gets everything he deserves. He is part of the same corrupt system that he pretends to despise. Corruption investigations are no big deal in NYC and are mostly for show and ratings--both of which the Donald can provide. Anyone that has ever worked there knows that corruption is part of the ambiance of NYC. I use to wonder why any business in their right mind would operate in NYC until I worked there and learned how much money the corrupt apple can make you. Everyone seems to have their own scam and its like everyone is on the vig. Heck you can't even fire your carting service without a joint visit from the police and mob boss (yes, I unwittingly tried that the first month I was there--not a good idea).