Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Elitist Elizabeth Warren Upset Congress Wants Ten Additional Minutes of Testimony from Her

Warren is one elitist cookie. She refused to continue to testify before a congressional subcommittee becasue she had another meeting scheduled

Subcommittee chairman, Rep. Patrick McHenry later slammed Warren in a statement saying she had refused to answer all questions. Two members had no opportunity to question her, before she left.

“Committee staff worked diligently to accommodate Ms. Warren’s schedule," McHenry said.

"I was shocked by Ms. Warren’s blatant sense of entitlement," he added. "She was apparently under the assumption that she could dictate a one-hour time limit for her testimony to Congress and that we were here at her behest instead of the other way around. This is just further example of her disregard for congressional oversight.”

Naturally, the regressives are all over screaming about the "mistreatment" Warren got. I'll be impressed with regressives concerned about mistreatment by congressmen when they speak out against the abusive treatment of Thomas DiLorenzo by Congressman William Lacy Clay, during a subcommittee hearing.

Here's Warren in full elitist posture.


  1. Congressman Clay embodies everything that's wrong with this country. In that same meeting, he went on to say how great Fannie, Freddie, and the FDIC are. Those two government agencies had a huge role in the housing bubble and the FDIC has lulled millions of Americans into entrusting their savings to completely insolvent banks. Just look at their balance sheets people, current ratio way below 1. No ability to cover a run....moral hazard in action.

  2. I love the look of faux shock she gives him. Textbook liberal.

  3. I'm sick of the elite in DC spending our tax dollars for their own agendas. Boot them out!!!!

  4. If you want us to take anything you say seriously maybe you should learn to spell check and punctuate. Firefox and other browsers ad even MS Word have auto spell check.

    YOU: "becasue she had another meeting scheduled"

    It's BECAUSE and you end the sentence with a period(.)

    Oh maybe correct English is too 'elitist' for you.

  5. She handled herself like any CEO would. The committee moved her scheduled hearing around over 10 times according to the emails released on the congressional website.
    Wouldn't you be a bit miffed at being tugged around like a dog on a chain? This is a future senatorial candidate not submissive school girl.

  6. If you really want me to take your comments seriously, you should proofread your comments, even after spell check.

    It's AND not AD:

    "Firefox and other browsers ad even MS Word have auto spell check."

    Then you might even realize that only one AND is necessary.

  7. It was 'and' when I typed it so YOU tell me what happened since you are obviously there and reading these over...

  8. @Anonymous 12:57 AM Oh puhleeze, I use Blogger to post and handle comments. As anyone who uses Blogger will tell you, we have no ability to edit comments.