Friday, May 20, 2011

Federal Reserve Propaganda 1920's Style

The New York Federal Reserve has up on its web site propaganda posters that the Fed used in the 1920's to reach out about the Federal Reserve to the justifiably suspicious public .

Of course, within a few years of when the posters appeared, Fed policies ended up crashing the stock market and pushing the economy into the Great Depression.

The rest of the posters are here.


  1. the posters, even though designed in the 1920s, seem to be very similar to the articles on the website, kind of obtuse, more arcane without being especially technical in such a way of inviting the reader to leave this crushingly boring subject to the crushing bores of the Federal reserve system

    especially this one, (that was impossible to read without dozing off)

  2. Was wondering where Goebells got his inspiration.