Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here We Go, Another Alleged Strauss-Kahn Sexual Attack

This sounds very credible. The Guardian reports:

...[F]urther allegations against him were broadcast on French television on Sunday night.

A local official of the Socialist party claimed that Strauss-Kahn had attacked her daughter, who is goddaughter to Strauss-Kahn's second wife, in 2002.

Tristane Banon was in her 20s and writing a book when she approached Strauss-Kahn for an interview in 2002. In a TV programme in 2007, in which Strauss-Kahn's name had been bleeped out, Banon allegedly described him as a "rutting chimpanzee" and described how she was forced to fight him off. "It finished badly … very violently … I kicked him," Banon said. "When we were fighting, I mentioned the word 'rape' to make him afraid, but it didn't have any effect. I managed to get out."

Banon consulted a lawyer, but did not press charges. "I didn't want to be known to the end of my days as the girl who had a problem with the politician."

Banon's mother, Anne Mansouret, told journalists on Sunday night she had dissuaded her daughter from legal action because she believed Strauss-Kahn's behaviour had been out of character and because of close links with his family. "Today I am sorry to have discouraged my daughter from complaining. I bear a heavy responsibility," she said.


  1. Am I the only one seeing shades of Julian Assane-frame-up here or what?

    Whatever happened, he must have ticked off the WRONG people...

  2. @Anon

    Yes, I definitely see an Assange being pulled on this guy, especially now that alleged previous victims seem to be crawling out of the woodwork to damn him in the court of public opinion.

    As I wrote on the Mises forum:

    This really reminds me of Spitzer a couple years ago... Clearly he's done something to upset the status quo, or he's being used as a patsy, and TPTB have pulled his "file" of sexual mischievousness to be used against him.

    I struggle to believe a seasoned chauvenist and political bigwig would bolt like a deer after such an incident, rather than simply letting his handlers cajole/bribe his way out.