Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hilarious Anti-Koch Video

Has George Soros just bitch slapped the Koch brothers?

Brave New Foundation, a Regressive organization that specializes in putting out video hit pieces,  has just put out the below hilarious anti-Koch video. The video takes aim at the Kochs mostly for being rich and does a pass by smear of free markets, as a bonus.

The attacks on the Kochs come about because of their strategy to influence "democracy" via astro-turf funding. Hows that strategy working out for you fellas?

What's most curious is that the Koch-funded Cato Institute just had George Soros over to the Institute to speak on Hayek.  Brave New Foundation sounds an awful lot like the type of organization that is funded to some degree by Soros. Is this video a Soros "Thank You" for being invited over to Cato?


  1. Just a bunch of bitterness and wealth envy. A bunch of Marxist laden drivel here. As everyone at EPJ knows, the current economy is not the fault of the Kochs, its the governments fault for trying to centrally plan the economy.

    Seeing the shallow smears of free market reforms without the least bit of understanding is not surprising. Trying to single out a bogeyman like the Kochs is no different from any other demagogue placing the blame on any group or individual for societal ills. Hitler and the Jews, Marx and the Bourgeois, etc. What a bunch of losers.

    Im no fan of the Koch's buying favors of the government, but ill take their side over the people who made this Michael Moore style trash.

  2. Sorry, but that is just plain retarded or should I use the PC correct term, ignorant. This isn't even clever! There are so, so many brilliant things they could have done to expose the Koch brothers crony capitalism and instead they focus on wealth like good little Marxist.

    Even something like those enviro-hypocrite video's would have been better then this schlock. Heck even Mike Moore could have done a better job! However, I am sure this will a smashing hit with your typical economically dishonest/illiterate entitled regressive that wants all the benefits that capitalism can provide without the actual capitalist system.

    BTW, I find it interesting that they would choose people that clearly live in a comfortable setting to cry over a lack of money. To me that is like crying over being poor while sitting at your granite kitchen counter. I guess I should probably understand that those are middle class entitlements now. Just like the $50k auto.

  3. Just a note to these people - don't thank God for your Food Stamps and Social Security - you can thank me and everyone else who has their money taken from them at gunpoint and given to you.

    I don't like the Koch's either but this is just plain idiotic.

  4. Perhaps someone ought to make a similar video of Soros and other latte/limousine/champagne-liberal/ivory tower dimwits/utterly amoral opportunists.

  5. Uhhh, Mr. Obama. I just wanted to ask why the federal government is one of the largest polluters in the world.

  6. That women complains about losing all her money despite living with a full stomach and she has a 'bathtub'. A bloody bathtub!! The rich in India and Africa don't have bathtubs or houses as big as her.

    I have extreme sympathies for those suffering in poverty but seriously this is just victim posturing.

    The people shown here and the Kochs have something in common, they both portray themselves as victims when they are clearly not.

    Oddly enough I am probably the biggest opposer of all Koch Activism.

  7. And to follow up, this video is actually an insult to the real poverty that is present around the world. Ignorant Self centered American is not really a stereotype.