Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Important Sign Berlusconi is Toast

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has been charged with having sex with an under-age girl, is also facing problems on the electoral front. In local Italian local elections, his coalition has lost Milan, his home town.

But the real death pronouncement comes from the ultimate insider, economist Nouriel Roubini. If Roubini declares a global politician dead, he's dead.

Here are Roubini tweets this morning:
Voters Give Berlusconi Bloody Nose. Time for him to resign & rescue Italy from the global embarrassment of his farce
I am in Venice now. Italy cannot afford any longer a BBB rating: Berlusconi Bunga Bunga. It's high time for a change as his farce gotta
No one senses political death better than Roubini. Roubini's tweets are not a good sign for Berlusconi.


  1. roubini, like many foreign commentators, only knows what media says, and as we all know, the media never lies, he?
    as for the sex with the underage, perhaps a little research can help. even the underage (she aint underage any more and was a few weeks from celebrating her 18th birthday when she attended one of B parties) denies the allegation and is going to sue the prosecutors who invented the underage sex story and ruined her life. remember, its the same prosecutors who have indicted the italian seismologic institute for not having predicted L'aquila earthquake

  2. as for B being toast, thats a fact, but not because of the underage sex story, but because of his failure in delivering the promised reforms. not that delivering is easy when your judiciary mounts dozens of court cases against you. because thats the funny thing. nobody ever sued B, all the cases were started by the judiciary.