Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Not 'Under House Arrest' for DSK, It's 'Under Palace Arrest'

New York Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus approved Dominique Strauss-Kahn's move to a new NYC residence, during a conference call with his defense attorneys and prosecutors.

The new residence is a townhouse in the Tribeca section of Manhattan, famously known as the area built up by actor Robert DeNiro.

The townhouse, located at 153 Franklin Street, was just bought by DSK's wife for $14 million.

Pics via ZH:


  1. Fed Gave Banks Crisis Gains on $80 Billion Secretive Loans as Low as 0.01%

    Something to make you hurl Robert.

  2. I know this kind of decor appeals to some, but I find it cold and down right ugly. Even the front looks like the entrance to a shop or garage. Its like living in an office, which I guess in the case of DSK probably provides a more natural setting for when he's diddling the house staff.

  3. Not much of a palace.

    There are way better-looking homes (5000 sf plus) on the market for under $700000...

  4. I agree with anonymous about the bleakness. Most terrible is the closed in feeling. I live in a shack in the country but the views of trees and fields outside my windows allow me the soul-ease the elite scumbag in his golden cage will never know.

  5. Hey, it may be cold and such, but its way better then my place.

    I have it full of bookcases with books I actually read OR will actually read...

  6. That entrance = No security, unless it has shatter-resistant film.