Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Launched: Make Schiff Happen

Peter Schiff has launched Make Schiff Happen PAC, According to Schiff, his PAC is "committed to supporting electoral candidates who stand for fiscal frugality & massive reduction in government spending."

Hey Peter, if you find any such serious candidates beyond Paul and Rand Paul, let me know. They may be out there, but I haven't seen any.


  1. Don't you know that Ron Paul isn't a top tier candidate? Like Tim Pawlenty?

    Just ask Yahoo News:

  2. Peter supports Gary Johnson as well. Let's face it guys, at best a RINO will be elected. I still think 70% of people know we are in trouble but only 5% know why. Sometimes I think it's more of a curse knowing the truth. Kind of heart breaking.

  3. Peter,

    Can you get someone who will run for "truly benevolent dictator" and who will actually be one, and who will lay out their plan in detail before the election (would have to include putting any congressmen who did not go home quietly in prison), who will state the safeguards to have them removed should they turn "bad", who will lay out a plan to reinstate the constitution after one or two 4 year terms after the fiscal situation is under control. Can you do it? I know it will hurt you with all that gold because if this dictator is elected the dollar will soar and gold will go down big time, but I think it'll be good overall.

    The current system cannot work - it will destroy us unless we get rid of it for a few years while a true patriot fixes it with no interference from the opposing political party.

  4. Add Rep. Justin Amash to your list. He has an excellent record at the state level in MI. So far he's stay on course in DC.