Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Libyan Rebels Have an Economic Minister

This is really a bit much. First, there was news that the rebels had almost immediately, upon starting rebellion, set up a central bank. Now the latest is the rebels have an economic minister. And, he is bitching aid money isn't coming fast enough!

The economic minister of the Libyan rebels’ Abdullah Shamiya says the rebels need funds to "sustain" the economy in areas they control, according to Bloomberg. Don't we all.

According to Ali Tarhouni, the Libyan rebel finance minister, yes they have also have a finance minister, says the rebel government has set a budget of $3 billion for the next six months.

The U.S. has blocked about $33 billion in regime assets, which is part of the more than $165 billion frozen worldwide. It appears this is what the rebels are after.

Don't these guys get it? In the eyes of the global elite, rebels should be out throwing rocks and the bansksters will look after the money. The rebels should really should be talking to their local CIA paymaster. The big money doesn't arrive until long, way long, after the revolution is complete and that money isn't headed to any rock throwing rebel economic and finance ministers.


  1. Why can't he just print up some money and then spend it and watch the multiplier effect work wonders on the areas he and his rebel buddies control ?

  2. Once upon a time, long, long time ago, revolutions were made by people trying to be free... yes, but that was long, long time ago. Nowadays revolutions seem to be inspired in a veeeery different ideology. I call it the 'Gimme the money man, give it to me now... it's your choice, your wallet or your life...' or, if you prefer, it also can be labeled simple plain capitalism. Nothing more nothing less.