Friday, May 13, 2011

Massive Blogger Fail

My apologies for those of you looking for your daily fix of EPJ, who have over the last 12 plus hours only seen stale news.
EPJ uses Google's Blogger platform for posting and comment management. Late yesterday, blogger went down---and then started rolling back to an earlier back-up version.
Not only was EPJ impacted, but the millions of others that use Blogger.
I was able to notify and keep up to date, those that follow EPJ via Twitter, so if you really need to know what is going on an EPJ, consider following EPJ via Twitter, here.
As a side note, I have installed a workaround for EPJ that will allow me to continue posting in the case there ever is prolonged problem with Blogger, but since Blogger required all users, sometime last year ,to post using their servers, the workaround would require me to switch servers, so its not something I am going to do if the delay appears to be something that will be resolved in 24 hours or less. But for longer term problems I am ready.  


  1. This sucks, it seems like everyone lost their posts from Wednesday.

  2. Good to see you back. I also lost my posts from yesterday morning, though it should (theoretically) be possible to retrieve them from your RSS feed.

  3. You should switch to WordPress. It's much better. (Didn't Bob Murphy switch from Blogger to WordPress?)

  4. Are you sure this isn't just a case of some of the comments being a little too hot to handle?

    Hmmmm..... this guy is making me look bad, how can I get rid of those pesky comments.....I know I'll fake a server failure, that's it!