Friday, May 6, 2011

New Yorker Rakes in $120,000 From Bin Laden Death

File under: Entrepreneurship to the rescue.

A New Yorker started selling T-shirts celebrating Osama bin Laden's death and sold $120,000 of them in less than two days, TMZ reports.

Maurice Harary, 23, went straight to his New York apartment when he heard Sunday that bin Laden was killed and began building the web site "bin Laden is dead" T-shirts.

Harary claim to have sold aprox. 10,000 shirts.

Judging from many of the comments left at EPJ stories on bin Laden, there's probably a market for T-shirts that say,"bin Laden Died the First Time in 2001".


  1. How about:

    Bin Laden's dead,
    but not our foreign policy that p*ssed him off the first time.