Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rand Paul on the Truth about the Patriot Act

Just days before his filibuster, Rand Paul on the Patriot Act.


  1. Rand Paul seems to be doing one helluva good job. I'm seriously glad that Ron Paul has a son like Rand. He could be exactly like Ron Paul one day. :-)

  2. What Rand Paul is doing is great, but it's not a filibuster:

  3. I have no idea who the Salon letter writer "pow wow" is. "The Hill" calls it a filibuster.

    I do not know the technical ins and outs of Senatorial procedure to referee on this. Suffice to say that calling it a filibuster gets the general point across of what Senator Rand is attempting to accomplish.

    Please in the future point to specific Senate rules, or to someone who clearly has familiararity with the rules, a mere assertion by "pow wow" might be accurate, but such an assertion in and of itself is not going to carry a lot of weight.


  4. Well, according to Glenn Greenwald ( ):

    "For what this reflects about the corrupt and anti-democratic ways by which the Senate functions, see this comment from the invariably brilliant pow wow, one of the Internet's most informed political commenters."

    Also, there's nothing about what Rand Paul did that appears to be a filibuster, which is why I went looking in the first place to see what he was doing. If Rand is using what is effectively an undocumented Senate procedure, it's going to be difficult to point to specific Senate rules that cover it.

    I don't agree with Greenwald on everything, but I at least pay attention when he makes a statement like that: