Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reich on Romney

I nice hatchet job from complete regressive Robert Reich on Mitt Romney:
Of all the Republican hopefuls, Romney has most assiduously avoided taking positions. He’s written two books but I challenge anyone to find a clear policy in either. Both books are so hedged, conditioned, boring and bland that once you put them down you can’t pick them up.
Mitt is reputed to say whatever an audience wants to hear, but that’s not quite right. In reality he says nothing, but does it in such way audiences believe they’ve heard what they want to hear. He is the chameleon candidate. To call Mitt Romney an empty suit is an insult to suits.
Of course, this is Reich, so he does go off the track, more than once. Here he is at his nuttiest:
To many voters, President Obama sounds and acts presidential but he doesn’t look it. Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate for people uncomfortable that their president is black. Mitt is their great white hope.

Did I miss something? Was President Obama elected by the majority in the last presidential election and was he black back then? Or is black a new thing for the President?


  1. Actually, in the second paragraph you quoted it would be just as easy to use 'Obama' as 'Romney'. I think it does describe both of them very well.

  2. Reich certainly has Romney's number. Someone once described Romney as an "empty vessel waiting to be filled." I couldn't agree more. Like Reich, I would challenge anyone to find a single clear position held by Romney on anything.

  3. To regressives, evil racists are lurking behind every corner, restrained only by benevolent government programs from transforming the U.S. into a KKK utopia.

    Just like his dad, Mitt Romney is proud of having no principles or consistent positions.

  4. jon stewart once described romney as looking like an alien created him to be president