Friday, May 20, 2011

Staruss-Kahn Will Have to Pay 24 Hour Armed Guards $200,000 per Month as Part of Bail Package

IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, in addition to posting cash bail of $1 million and a bail bond of $5 million, as part of the bail conditions following charges that he attacked a hotel maid at the Sofitel hotel in New York City, will be required to wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet and also will have to pay $200,000 per month for gun carrying guards, who will monitor him 24/7 and are authorized to use force against him if it appears he is attempting to flee.

He is also ordered confined to the apartment he will be renting except for visits to court, doctors, a house of worship or his lawyers.


  1. $274/hour. 'Sounds like a pretty nice contract.

  2. Just wondering...does the the apartment rent include maid service?

  3. How much do armed security guards earn a month?

    At 200,000 a month, and a very reasonable $2000/mth salary (more than such knuckleheads usually merit), that would be, um, ONE HUNDRED muscle men to restrain a tubby, short, IMF economist in his sixties whom any resourceful woman could foil with a few stiletto'd kicks to the groin.

    Someone please tell me this is a sane demand...

    The charges are for ATTEMPTED crimes, for heavens sake.

    DSK sounds like a deranged lecher, but this would be overkill for a serial-murdering Nazi at Nuremberg.