Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Totally Bizarre: Three Senators Now Saying They Saw Fake Osama Death Photo

This is really 0ff-the-wall stuff. Can you imagine the President and this group handling a real crisis? They can't control the story of a picture of a dead man.

NBC News. Capitol Hill Correspondent Kelly O'Donell thumbs:
3 senators who said they HAD SEEN the #OBL death photo now say the picture was NOT official. Ayotte, Scott Brown & Chambliss. Faked out?

Brown for one admits he saw a fake, but won't say who showed it to him. That Ayotte and Chambliss are backing away from their earlier statements suggests that they also believe they were shown a fake. Get a load of this report:


  1. No, they saw the photo that was supposed to be official, but when it was exposed as a fake (along with two other tries) the WH backtracked and claimed it was not "official."

  2. Obama Osama Drama....!!!

  3. This is completely blowing up in thier faces, that is why Mossad tool Juval Aviv is now ranting that random civilian targets in the U.S. are facing an "inevitable" terror strke.

  4. I think there's a pattern here that's similar to the birth certificate drama. Obama could have released the original birth certificate years ago. Why wouldn't he do that? The intention is to create tremendous uncertainty so that people reasonably suspect ill-intentions. He succeeds in fomenting that uncertainty. Then, he releases the document, and immediately starts painting his opposition as paranoid fools.

    I think you may have the same thing going on here. Expect actual "official" photos to be released later followed by casual appearances where Obama paints the uncertainty as paranoid foolery by his opposition. Certainly, there's a high level of incompetence in the Obama administration, so it's also possible that they just know how to make their incompetence work to their advantage.

    Of course, it's also possible that the pictures wouldn't prove much. If OBL took two hollow points to the side of his head, the exit wounds would be huge, and half his head may be missing. Now that we know OBL was unarmed, that picture might incite Obama voters (I doubt they're concerned about inciting the Middle East. If they are, that would be a first).

  5. I saw Jack Nicholson when he was President.
    Remember "Mars Attacks?"

    I also saw Martians and I'd testify to it in a court of law.

  6. The great ISI has done a number on the CIA. Remember you can rent but you can not buy!

  7. Pardon the following expression but this is a nothing short of a classic government clusterfuck.

  8. LOL - what a joke, the guy has been dead for years, he's already decomposed!! Enough of this crap, we've had enough lies already!!

  9. The best part of this debacle has been Carney declaring that no more details would be shared. The amount of nonsense arising from this is absurd.

    First, Osama had a gone and was using a woman as a human shield. Then, he did not have a gun. Now, he was lunging for a gun. Another story said he was captured and then shot.

    I bet Obama is wishing he had just put a cruise missile in that house now.

  10. They did not kill OBL. They may have killed someone, but it was not OBL. OBL has been reported dead for some time. When Obama was defending himself against Gravel in the run up to his presidency, he spoke of bombing Pakistan so as to kill OBL. Coincidence? This is Bush in black face, and this is the same sort of stunt as 9-11, but more phony.

  11. I love it!!I wonder who in Hollywood is writing those scripts:)Everything is here including a hidden message to Christians so adequate to Easter:"Resurrection did happened!
    Osama bin Laden just like Jesus came back..'
    Not exactly:)
    They didn't crucify Jesus again after few hours:)

    What will be next?
    I suggest we start writing new scenarios.
    Intellectual property...Could be a way to easy money if our version will be bizarre enough:)
    My contribution:
    In next few day Obama will prize CIA Director for uncovering another devilish plot masterminded by Al know what:)
    It come to the knowledge of White House that Islamic terrorist managed to steal the body of Osama bin Laden and substitute body of Osama with a body of another man killed for this purpose!!!

    Journalists waiting took -with the best intentions- the pictures of the clever"substitute" being convinced that they document A History.

    Enormous work of special commando send to discovered the truth was not in vain.
    As soon as the white House received the confirm information we decided to act immediately and withdraw the fake pictures .
    Once again terrorist show us their terrible strength and cunning.
    Thanks to CIA we know now,without any doubts who is supporting those masked murderers ,those Ali-Babas dreaming about entry to our white blonde sesame :Russia and Iran.
    Counterfeiters committed huge mistake in their haste!!!
    They left the body of man they killed to replace the body of Osama bin Laden in original clothes the victim wore.
    In one of the pockets CIA executive officers discovered a piece of paper looking like a letter.Most of the letter looked eaten a-way but what was left bears the words:"Wsiewo charoszewo.Ahmedinajad".

    More information after the commercial break."

  12. I have an idea(free of charge) :IF the number of versions coming out of the White House will approach 6 000 000 I suggest to name it “Osamacaust” ans screen as a movie.
    Box office record-guaranteed.
    Morons will believe that Hitler killed Osama:)

    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek
    Wolna Polska zaczyna sie tutaj

  13. They said on Good Morning America today (actually, it was the Greek Midget reporting on it) that they now plan to blow up "Osama's home" and told neighbors to get out.


    I guess the next step is to send the kill team to Bagram Airbase so that they NEVER are able to come out with the true story.

    Jeez, seriously, talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (of course, assuming that they actually did kill OBL, which I don't believe anyway).

  14. If we're all going to believe this it needs to stop displaying the simptoms of being BS.

  15. OBarnum's press secretary is named Carney?!!!

    You can't make up stuff like that.

    President OBarnum and press man Carney have a statement for the Confederacy of Dunces know as the American public.

    The only one missing is W.C. Clinton.

  16. My guess is that there WAS IN FACT a mission to try to kill OBL or to do something that was supposed to be secret in a country they were not invited to be in; but it went wrong and they crashed a helicopter in someone's back yard. They remember what happened to Jimmy Carter after his failed attempt to get the hostages from Iran, and had a backup plan in case of a similar helicopter crash. They told their lie backup plan: "we killed OBL", but they didn't have all the details of the lie down too well in advance so it has turned out a tad messy. Darn it.

    Who will get the $25,000,000 reward for OBL?

  17. Can the photos be obtained with some kind of Freedom of Information Act action?

    I'd like to see the president and all those who claim to have seen the photos be taken into separate rooms, all at the same time and asked to describe the photos.

    Same with the marines who did the deed: all in separate rooms simultaneously describing how it went down.

    Can someone make it happen?

  18. How far is it, how many hours would it take to transport the body of OBL from the crash site to the part of the ocean where they claim to have dumped him? How many hours elapsed from the time of the reported hit, to the time of the reported burial? Has anyone with the facts done the math? Is it possible? Is this time problem a smoking gun? Someone do a little math for us.............

  19. Osama definitely dead, YEARS AGO................