Wednesday, May 4, 2011

US Kills bin Laden, But Wants to Interrogate Wife

The Daily Mail reports:
The wife [of bin Laden] is now said to be at the centre of a diplomatic custody battle because the US wants to interrogate her but has been rejected by Pakistan.
Why would you kill an unarmed Osama and then battle over interrogating his wife?

In time, this will look like a poorly thought out operation. The US just killed the guy who could provide the most information on Al Qaeda. As for interrogating the wife, the US just wants to shut her up--and they have to be really concerned about the 12 year old daughter. If the daughter gets into the hands of anti-US elements, she will be all over the web with her version of what went down--with real tears, not Hill & Knowlton orchestrated phony tears .

A snatch & grab operation appears to be something that could have been pulled off.  Obama's decision to takeout Osama will ultimately be viewed as a very poor decision and the burial at sea as absurd. This is not a long-term win for Obama.


  1. I thought it was very strange that someone in the administration said (and I can't remember where I read or heard this) that they didn't consider Bin Laden a useful source of intelligence, hence the decision to kill him.

    Could it be that the government never really believed Bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks but he served as a useful bogeyman? If he was nothing but a figurehead, the government wouldn't want this fact getting out to the public.

    Another possibility is that they didn't think Bin Laden could tell them anything they didn't already know because he was on the CIA payroll.

  2. Another option is that they thought there was a low chance of successful extracting useful info from someone as committed as Bin Laden, and expected the negative exposure from secret enhanced interrogation of such a high profile person to outweigh the benefit.

  3. I don't know. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. The official story has changed multiple times. Bin Laden, who was unarmed, was executed rather than taken alive for questioning and lawful justice. Why? The body was allegedly dumped at sea within hours, precluding independent verification of its identity. Why? And now they want access to the only living witnesses. Why?

    We are literally being told to take Obama, a known liar, at his word. That might be good enough for our lapdog media, who think journalism is cutting and pasting White House press releases. But it's not good enough for me.

  4. Given the total lack of evidence, why is there any reason to believe Osama was ever even in that house? What exactly is there, except for the assertions of a government with zero credibility over any claims related to its foreign policy (WMDs anyone?) So they shot an unarmed bin Laden without any regard for any legal tradition in the world, and then happily turned over his wife and daughter to the Pakistanis to argue over custody later, instead of just dumping them in Gitmo? Who believes any of this stuff?

  5. What everyone is ASSUMING is that They actually killed Bin Laden. Just HOW many times has this man died already. WE KNOW for a fact, that he has been dead about 9 times already. There are many many confirmations of this over the last almost 10 years, this link has the best documented info,
    Now, the question is do we believe the others OR do we Believe OBAMA? That is a real tough question to answer. (And if you get that one wrong, do not pass go, go straight to a mental institution....lololol)
    Sooo you are right this whole thing SMELLS..What a surprise! Trump is right...."The USA is the laughing stock of the world". The ONLY thing everyone needs to keep remembering is that whatever comes out of OBAMA's mouth is a LIE.
    Folks, you are dealing with a Pathological Liar, and as such, you cannot believe one word that is said that comes out of this type of persons mouth. Do NOT believe what is said, watch what is done.

  6. It took 16 hours for Obama to decide on what to do. He had to sleep on it.

    My take, he went home to discuss it with his wife and came back and said let's do this. This was a calculated, political move by a man who wants to stay in power.

    He wasn't thinking about military strategy or intelligence gathering. He was thinking, what's the best thing for election 2012?

  7. Well, at least it looks like some Americans are finally coming to realize that what tyrants say is ALWAYS for propaganda purposes. What actually happened doesn't matter AT ALL to those in power. Their only concern is what words they can use to manipulate YOU into supporting, or at least tolerating, their own power grabs and control freak agenda. If they have to spin, or just plain fabricate "facts," they will do it without hesitation. Once people realize this, they won't ever bother reading past "White House officials today said that..." Anything after that is a calculated lie, designed to dupe and enslave you.

  8. Who believes any bit of this?

  9. Lawrence A. OshanekMay 4, 2011 at 8:55 PM

    One can only hope that this continuous piling of garbage pushes another group of people into the sceptics camp and that those citizens of the US contribute to stopping their rogues before they too are it's victims.

  10. Should read: "Bin Laden kills US"

    Can you believe a man who's been dead for years has posthumously managed to make complete fools of the the government, the military, the media and the intelligence community. No wait, they managed that entirely on their own... Clearly our leaders need to wear helmets and take the little bus to work.

    "Don't you love farce?
    My fault I fear.
    I thought that you'd want what I want.
    Sorry, my dear.
    But where are the clowns?
    Quick, send in the clowns.
    Don't bother, they're here."