Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VIDEO: Inside Sarah Palin's New Scottsdale, Arizona House

Sarah Palin, who bought a house in Scottsdale, Arizona using an LLC to hide the fact that it was her and her husband who were buying the property, is not doing to well with that secret.

EPJ disclosed earlier today that the property is at  29005 N 82nd Street in Scottsdale.

Zero Hedge has now published this video of the house:

ZH is also speculating that the seller of the home to the Palin's took part in a short-sale scam. That looks like a bit of a stretch to us, but we wouldn't rule out the possibility completely.

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  1. the property was a forclosed half renovated property. The investor bought it, fixed it up and sold it at x2 the price. If you look at the before and after pictures, alot of work was done to it, thats why it cost so much now