Friday, May 20, 2011

VIP Treatment at Hotels; A Missing Cell Phone

Daily Beast has a summary of the case against DSK and adds a few details that coincide with my earlier speculation on whether DSK was set-up.

First, it does appear that there was a second cell phone that is now missing. Hotel employees lied to say they had the cellphone when they didn't, when DSK called to see if he had left the cellphone at the hotel. Where could this cellphone be? Would it show a call to an escort service, which means DSK is not likely to bring it up at trial, since it really doesn't exonerate him? What other calls are on the phone and if the phone is not in the DSK hotel room, where is it, who took it and why?

Also of interest is the fact that, according to DB, NYPD coached a member of the hotel staff to offer to have the phone delivered to DSK at the airport. The police worried at first this extraordinary bit of service would arouse his suspicions, but the hotel staff assured them that VIPs would see this sort of thing as perfectly normal. This falls in line with my thinking that DSK was ID'd at the hotel as a VIP, and that it would, thus, not be a low level employee who would call the police on him. Would the hotel GM order police called on DSK, possible, but it would be interesting to know why after an hour delay, police were called. Who gave the order to call the police?


  1. Bob

    You're barking up the wrong tree.

    The evidence suggests the poor woman is telling the truth.

    It's a set up only in the sense that those who knew his proclivities didn't let him get away with it this time and let the hammer fall.

  2. From Paul Craig Roberts...

    "One of the most striking is the confirmed reports in the French and British press that a political activist for French President Sarkozy, Jonathan Pinet, tweeted the news of Strauss-Kahn's arrest to Arnaud Dassier, a spin doctor for Sarkozy, before the news was announced by the New York police.

    Pinet's explanation for how he was the first to know is that a "friend" in the Sofitel Hotel, where the alleged crime took place, told him. Is it merely a coincidence that the men assigned the task of removing the Strauss-Kahn threat to French President Sarkozy's re-election had a clued-in friend in the Sofitel Hotel? Did the police clue-in the "friend" before they made the public announcement? If so, why?"

  3. Lila, you can't believe everything you read. Especially nowadays. I don't believe much of anything that makes headlines anymore, even as much as I hate the IMF! He was a threat to Sarkozy, therefore he had to go.

  4. Yes. I know about that tweet.

    Do my writings sound like someone who "believes" whatever I read? Please.

    "They" knew about what happened early on, because DSK has assaulted maids before, at Sofitel. Bob missed that..

    It was always covered up by management.
    This time someone told management not to cover up.

    Yes, he was a threat to Sarkozy. That doesn't mean they made this story up.

    It means they made USE of it.

    That is quite different.
    You guys are buying a very simple-minded line...and missing a number of connections, in the process.

    I've done my research on this....