Thursday, May 5, 2011

When Does Paul Ryan Become Pro-Union?

When it benefits his family .

Mother Jones reports:
Republican golden boy Paul Ryan is hardly known for his sympathies to organized labor. With his drastic budget proposal to privatize Medicare and unabashed support for Governor Scott Walker's anti-union bill, the Wisconsin congressman has become the new face of the GOP's right flank.

But a closer look at Ryan's voting record reveals a single eyebrow-raising exception when it comes to labor unions: Ryan has consistently broken with his party to defend a law protecting the wages of unionized construction workers. His stance on the issue has earned him the support of a handful of unions back home, setting them apart from the majority of Wisconsin's labor community, which who has cast Ryan as public enemy No. 1. What explains this break in GOP orthodoxy? Ryan's family owns a construction firm that relies heavily on union labor—and the company could suffer if the law were repealed...The Carpenters and Joiners Union, as a result, has consistently been one of Ryan's top 20 contributors over the years; Ryan has received a total of $47,500 from members of the union since taking office.

Similarly, the Operating Engineers—an AFL-CIO affiliate closely tied to the home and road construction industries—has also been a regular Ryan donor, with $38,500 in total contributions.


  1. I suppose that from now on we can always expect the regressives and media to refer to Ryan as a union hack. Right?

  2. Gasp!

    Eddie-Munster-All-Grown-Up is crooked!

    Not our golden child!

  3. Maybe he could be a depends on the union hack.

  4. From this low info article it seems that maybe Ryan supports unions but may not support Public Employee unions? Similar maybe to the FDR position. What is the Libertarian/libertarian position on PE Unions?

  5. Don't forget that Tim Pawlenty comes from a "union family" too.