Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aside from Being in Favor of a $300 Billion Bailout of Banksters, Herman Cain is Cool

The Club for Growth is saying some nice things (sort of) about presidential candidate and former chairman (1995-96) and deputy chairman (1992-94) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Herman Cain.

“Aside from his support for TARP,” the group wrote, in summarizing their take on Mr. Cain, “we have very little question, based only on his rhetoric, that Herman Cain would be a pro-growth president. We look forward to seeing more details about his economic policy proposals.”

Got that? Aside from the fact that he was in favor of a $300 billion bankster bailout and was an official of the bankster/gangster Federal Reserve, he gives good "rhetoric." It should be noted that Cain also favors the scam Fair Tax.

The Club for Growth also writes about Cain:
His history of political support is odd. Cain gave money to the pro-tax Mike Huckabee in his race for President, and donated to Danny Tarkanian over Sharron Angle in Nevada’s 2010 Senate race.  However, Cain was also a national co-chair of Steve Forbes’s 2000 Presidential Campaign, which emphasized economic growth-oriented policies such as a flat tax and personal accounts for Social Security
Sounds like either a very confused guy, or an opportunist, to me.


  1. And did you see how the crowd at Fox was so enamored with Cain at the first debate? If Americans are still really this gullible I think we're in big trouble.

  2. I'm 90% convinced that the main reason Herman Cain is being pumped up more than any of the other neocon candidates is for racial reasons.

    Republicans want a black candidate so it's harder for the Democrats to use Obama's race card. If Cain gets the nomination, the Republicans will be able to use the defense of "he's even blacker than Obama!" in response to any racial charges by Democrats.

  3. Yes We Cain't!

  4. Audit the Fed/End the Fed
    Audit the Cain/End the Cain (politically speaking, that is)

  5. TARP was only 300 billion?

  6. Cain is an establishment neocon who is beholden to the Federal Reserve, the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex and the Israeli Lobby.