Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Awesome Ron Paul

Ron Paul takes on three CNBC hosts who obviously have attitudes. It's amazing how Congressman Paul sticks to his message and gets his point across.



  1. Ron Paul has gotten downright smooth and handled the CNBC interviewers with aplomb. Good one.

  2. Look, I like Dr. Paul as much as anyone. I certainly wish he would get elected. But he's a horrible speaker. He trips over his words, stutters, runs about on his talking points and speaks at such a level that is far beyond the average Joe - so the average Joe's eyes gloss over and he doesn't get it. I had an economics teacher in college that was like that - so brilliant, but couldn't relate to his class and so his class got lost every day.

    Until Ron - or someone like him - can learn to speak in public, he won't get elected. It's just a sad fact of this society.

    I wish it weren't true, I really do.

  3. Ivanovich71:

    I wouldn't go so far as to say he's a terrible speaker, but you have a point about him not tailoring his message to his audience. For those of us who are familiar with Austrian economics and who are keenly aware of an ever-oppressive government, his words resonate clearly. However, for those who are still fooled by government sleights of hand, his arguments may not seem particularly relevant. He probably needs to "dumb down" his rhetoric a bit for the average Joe. This is particularly the case in debates where he doesn't come off very well. I know this because during the 2008 campaign when I considered myself a conservative Republican (prior to my Austrian/libertarian awakening of sorts), he did seem like a loon. Of course, now I can appreciate his points and so can millions more who were also awakened over the past four years.

    What he must do is absolutely stop using the phrase "military industrial complex." I know Eisenhower used this phrase and I understand his point, but to the average Joe it makes him sound like a conspiracy theorist. I think he should just say something like "military spending has also gotten out of control and needs to be reined in."

    He should hire Tom Woods to write speeches and to coach him as to his rhetoric. Woods is a master of tailoring his message and choosing the perfect language to effectively convey his point (without actually dumbing down the message).

    Regardless, however, no one can deny that Ron Paul has a lot of class. He never gets angry and is always a gentleman.

  4. Agree on all points, especially that he has class. But the end of your first paragraph essentially nailed it. You said, yourself, that you originally thought he came off as a loon. Unfortunately, that's how the masses see him. I witness it all the time when I talk to friends, co-workers, etc about candidates. Whenever I bring up Dr. Paul, they all respond as if the man is a kook.

    I truly believe it is because they have not yet been awoken. The reason that Paul's followers are so full of zeal is because it IS like a cult. The Cult of Truth. Once we are awoken (and I include myself in this) to the reality - once Dr. Paul shows gets us to take off the blinders - we are so angry at the theft being perpetrated that we shout it out and get more passionate about Paul than Paul himself.

    We need more awakenings. We need to free more souls. Paul needs to free more souls. But that means that Paul needs to be able to communicate to them in a way that wakes them up - not turns them off.

  5. I echo the charge of esoteric talk by the good Dr and like the suggestion of getting speechwriters to help him tailor the message.

    God willing, though, he will be our next prez!

  6. yeah, i agree with the points made above. i think partly its just his age. most old people just have trouble speaking without their voice shaking, so i guess its not really his fault. but good idea to hire tom woods for speechwriter and drafting answers to questions. though tom would have to drop the sarcasm as ron paul isnt a sarcastic guy. in fact i dont know what the campaign is doing. we just raised millions of dollars, why haven't they hired him yet with the money?

  7. Agreed that he needs help with how to explain and sell his message. He also needs to reassure and give hope that, if elected, the jobs economy will improve, not just that disaster is averted. On the plus side, his sincerity comes shining through, as does his over-riding concern for the true middle class.

    Learning how to effectively communicate without dilution or condescension will take time for him to master. What can he do today to make a difference as a candidate? He should write ten simple questions for each other candidate to answer. His immediate challenge is not to beat Obama, it is to begin eliminating other GOP candidates.

  8. I don't know if you other guys have ever noticed, but when Ron Paul gives speeches there is no paper on his podium and no teleprompters in front of him. 9 times out of 10 his speeches aren't written at all.

  9. Ron Paul just seems to grow on me, I actually like his voice and it's got the tint of sincerity. As a Paleo Conservative there are some things I find the Libertarian Party is just too leftist for me but as a strong believer in Austrian Economics and Freedom I have become much more interested in both Ron and Rand Paul's leadership.

  10. It's pretty telling of the decline of western culture that an educated virtuous man like Ron Paul can be grilled on TV by some bimbo who is obviously way below his level. They need to get some old bearded men who were educated back when Universities were worth a damn to interview him next time.

  11. To those above who cite the Good Dr's lack of polish as it relates to public speaking- or chide his use of terms such as "military industrial complex", etc- I think you highlight his strengths and call them weaknesses.

    The man is not a politician; he is a well-studied truth-teller. The man is not a Mitt Romney slick-talking say-nothing chameleon; he is a well-studied truth-teller. The man does not sugarcoat with pretty words for superficial voters; he is a well-studied truth-teller. It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that instead of merely a successful political career, he has sparked a damn revolution.

    People are asleep at the wheel, critical faculties dormant from being coddled with politically correct terminology and polished political say-nothing speeches for the entirety of their lives. Dr Paul's unvarnished, unabashed truth-telling- in no uncertain terms, and without the veneer of talking points and deflections prepared by a team of publicists, shatters the walls of the box that people are living in.

    Dr Paul cures apathy and ignorance, and it is in no small part due precisely to the traits and terminology you criticize.

    Remember that.

  12. I agree with most of the comments above.Dr.Paul is truly a breath of fresh air for the so called "awaken ones" and his message is right on.The average American voter needs hope and right now.Dr.Paul is that hope and he needs to address strongly his voting record and his plan to create jobs in a way the average person can relate to.

  13. Ron Paul. basically lies...he was elected in 1975 but yet the blames the Fed....hmm sure ok. What about congress, his own paycheck creator....His non-stop rattling about the Fed. Real simple you don't want the fed to have to expand the money base-supply stop running fiscal deficits....Gold standard induces this....You run deficits your currency devalues or drops to increase exports and tax receipts increase by increase in domestic business but business is strangeled by the dead weight cost of insane Gov, rules and regulations. Also deficits are supposed to command high interest rates but yet gold is now spiking as the dollar is dropping....RP whines the dollar is devaluing, really compared to what? The euro, yen,yuan loony...but he likes to cherry pick what data to paint his slant....If you earn in those and transfer into US dollar you might notice.
    What if you work in the USA? Get paid in the USA? Buy most of your items including housing in the USA? cost increases look to R.P. gang…Mismanaged to complete stupidity, tariff quotes, ...Fuel, gee let's burn corn and not use natural gas or coal....”Lets turn green”....What if you are a 30’s something, public employee or steady hired private sector worker. Who didn’t buy a home a couple of years ago. Mainly because your lifetime span, you hadn't entered the age or need to buy a home timeframe...You go out today to buy a home and you are amazed… You can find the prices with historic low interest rates. Inflation, devalued dollar, or hedonistic lifespan adjustments...I understand about being in early 50's and seeing your balance sheet take a nose dive as that is my demographic. but real simple stop spending money or wasting it like there are no repercussions for that...Post W2 boom was it a fluke? one thing is is over and to expect that period to be the norm going forward to me is about mid 1850-1925 or so...That might be more like what we can expects..forward... I like RP in some ways. I just wish he would focus his time and energy on what he was elected to... The one thing RP never seems addresses is what would the USA do without a central bank?...Let congress also manage monetary? Gee, they have done so well since 1975 when RP entered into that bloated truest corrupt hall of whores...Too bad, RP, keeps beating the same drum. To me, he is part of the present problem….Like the Grace commission or Greenspan-Monahan commission of early 1980’s when they raised FICA to offset the boomers hitting retirement now and talked about spending way back then.....boy what do they do why take the SS liabilities off budget buy keep the recipes on budget….Where was RP then...I don’t remember hearing him rant much about that on Wall Street Weekly, or Lehr-McNeil…But today, after the fact, he has the answers, ha!….Yeah, all RP has to go is a few more years and he has had a gravy-job with some of the best benefits for employees across the land… The rest of us are supposed to agree with this guy…
    Might work, if you have never borrowed money for business, and don’t understand “company store lending;” which is what we would most likely have in place today,if it wasn’t for the Fed….Taxes and code compliance are a bigger problem along with health insurance cost, and none of that has ever been taken care, which RP could help on…I don’t hire electricians to plumb, nor hire landscapers, to frame….RP should look below his name and read what he is elected to…Show us what he has done in that body without his non-stop distracting, not much, He really hasn't done much since 1975…RP balances out Bernie Sanders, I guess. Though, both should be put out to pasture

  14. Hey I'm on a roll not saying I'm right but if it wasn't this it be something else seems to fit...

    … Not saying the Fed is perfect, but right now all we have is monetary. Part of “fed free money days” are to ignite the animal spirits in the private sector-Take risk, do something, create transaction; which is code, for taxable events. Increase the tax receipts, only problem is clueless-obama spends it faster than a gas pump filling your tank whirls…..A couple of hundred billion after a while adds up..When you add about what $1.3 trillion fiscal fed spending along with $2.75 fed balance sheet…$4 trillion in a real $14.3 trillion GDP. We are barely growing about 1.5%-8%. Talk about a waste of resources obama should be charged with criminal waste of factors of production. The old cobb-douglas production function… In,RP, minds it is all fed caused! Yeah, maybe so, if you really believe, Maxine Waters, and all of those underwater home owners were “TRICKED” into taking out the 0% down lucky the 3 legged dog drive through loans…The one thing, RP, is probably going to be right about, is, we only do have a few years before the nightmare of dodd-frank with liz warren as the flag bearer “helping us” hits.