Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cancer Cluster Amongst TSA Agents in Boston

Infowars reports:
Fearful of provoking further public resistance to naked airport body scanners, the TSA has been caught covering up a surge in cases of TSA workers developing cancer as a result of their close proximity to radiation-firing devices, perhaps the most shocking revelation to emerge from the latest FOIA documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

After Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.

The documents indicate how, “A large number of workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease.”

“The Department, rather than acting on it, or explaining its position seems to have just dismissed. I don’t think that’s the way most other agencies would have acted in a similar situation if they were confronted with that question,” EPIC’s Marc Rotenberg said.

In an email sent to Heather Callahan (PDF), deputy federal security director at Boston Logan International Airport, union representatives express their concern about “TSA Boston’s growing number of TSOs working here that have thus far been diagnosed with cancer.”



  1. All parties concerned were well informed early April 2010 by USCF. You can read the letter of concern here,


    The case for human health is not in question when you can make oodles of money from supplying the machines for the sheep to pass through. We all know who the suspects are. Nice bunch of fellows they are. Not.

  2. I went to EPIC's website to look at the source documents. So far, there are none.

    If EPIC has had these documents since June 24, why haven't they been posted? This would be great material to hand to TSOs in airports during a free-thinking person's travels.

  3. Sorry. This doesn't pass the smell test. I don't like TSA anymore than you do. But, scanners haven't been in use very long. Cancer takes decades to develop.

  4. @star-gazer

    I'm not sure the smell test fails here. You have unkown exposure to radiation 8 hours a day seven days a week.

    That could be an entire different level of exposure. I'm not saying this is the case,but it can't be ruled out.

  5. @Neal...

    The documents are very easy to find on epic's website. You obviously spent less time looking for the docs than you did commenting about how you couldn't find them.

  6. Hooray, can't wait for the class-action lawsuit! Us mundanes will have to pay, of course, and no doubt any legal action brought by simple citizens would be tossed in the garbage.

  7. @star-gazer, cancer does not take decades to develop. If that was the case you would never find a cancer patient under 30 and rarely under 40.

    Exposure to ionizing radiation is CUMULATIVE. That is why the dentist puts a lead apron on himself and you,and then runs into the next room, when doing x-rays. I wonder how many miscarriages, strokes, heart attacks, and cancers these machines have caused in passengers...The TSA and the manufacturer should be sued into oblivion. Can't wait to see those class action commercials for frequent fliers.

  8. This agency/administration ignores or marginalizes every complaint or critique. Why would they treat this one any different.

  9. After being radiated by the TSA, passengers will soon get to go through self boarding gates:


    No world on how Ben Bernanke will bypass this technological feature. He may get a personal escort onto the plane.

  10. If this is true, what will happen is that there will be shielding provided for TSA thugs while every other person gets jacked.

  11. maybe the machines dont cause it, and god just answered my prayers that they all get cancer