Monday, June 6, 2011

Congressmen Ron Paul and Walter Jones Double Team the Fed

Here's a clip, via DailyBail from the recent hearing of the House Subcommittee on Monetary Policy, chaired by Congressman Paul.

In the clip, Rep. Jones tell the Fed officials present that:
The Federal Reserve is not held in high esteem by many people in this country.
Dr. Paul goes on tease to the Fed officials about the gold held by the Treasury. He asks them, if gold isn't money, why does the Treasury want to hold on to the gold and not sell it?


  1. A g-chat with my heretofore "moderately" liberal democrat friend

    me: i think ron paul's people have been talking to him, just listened to an interview with him where he's saying "look i'm for cuitting ALL spending, but if we're gonna do it more gradually, cut corporate welfare, stop empire building, THEN move on to child healthcare etc ... start with removing welfare for corporations before the poor"

    [Friend]: good for Ron
    that's obviously the way it should be

    me: seems to me in years past, he's hasn't emphasized that enough though, focusing much more on just cutting spending, without talking about the order in which it might be done

    [Friend] : yeah, that'll help him a lot
    i'd vote for him

    ....its starting

  2. So what now they don't own any gold? I thought they had 11 million oz. or something. Isn't there a bunch of gold in the NY Fed? Wasn't Die Hard 3 about that? What good is a gold certificate? I don't think those are redeemable for dog crap. Color me confused.

  3. I really have a lot of hope for Dr. Paul this time around. People are realizing after Obama turned out to be little more than Bush #3 that all politicians are the same. Once they realize that Ron Paul is the only trustworthy politician alive, hopefully the independents will support him.

    The only thing standing in his way really is the mainstream media, which is determined to bury him. If we can get his true message out, and show the average joe his consistency and voting record, he'll be a shoe in.

    I think he needs to get some of the brilliant LvMI guys like Tom Woods and Bob Murphy (and even Wenzel here) to help him in his campaign. If he can get the support of some of the more libertarian leaning media guys like Jon Stewart to endorse him, that should help a ton as well.