Monday, June 20, 2011

The Despicable Harry Reid and UNLV Should be Ashamed of Themselves

WSJ reports:

A 2009 study of the EDA [Economic Development Administration] by the...Cato Institute collected numerous government oversight reports and documented widespread abuse of taxpayer dollars. The study noted that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is familiar with the EDA process. In 2008, he hand- delivered a $2 million EDA check to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Research Foundation to begin construction of the "UNLV Harry Reid Research and Technology Park."
Via Greg Mankiw who comments:
As any university fund-raiser can tell you, a "naming opportunity" is a valuable resource. People are willing to pay big bucks to have buildings and other things named after them.
Bottom line: That's taxpayer money paying for that building, not Harry Reid money. I ask: Who is the bigger egomaniac, a congressman who sends pictures of his dick via cell phone, or a congressman who uses taxpayer money to get a university building named after him? 


  1. I used to be amazed by this on road-trips around the U.S. In just about every flyover backwater you'll find courthouses and office buildings named after the most lightweight political hacks--the Dick Cheney courthouse in Casper, WY. The Larry Craig federal building in Whatever, ID. I'm not kidding! I've seen it myself! The thing about ridiculous hacks is, they don't even know it!

  2. While we're looking at what universities are up to, check out how some of the leading pontificators about corporate ethics (like Harvard) are neck-deep in the land grab in Africa (not without help from G Sachs and JP Morgan):