Monday, June 6, 2011

Geithner to Meet with Wolfgang Schäuble

On Monday morning, Treasury Secretary Geithner will travel to Atlanta, Georgia. While there, the Secretary will meet with a group of local business leaders to discuss the state of the economy and, fiscal policy, 
Later that morning in Atlanta, Sceretary Geithner will speak before the International Monetary Conference. 

In the afternoon, Secretary Geithner will return to Washington, DC.
On Monday evening, Secretary Geithner will meet for dinner with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.  Schäuble is in the United States as part of the entourage travelling with Chancellor Merkel's official visit to Washington.

Also on Monday, Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin will attend the President's monthly meeting with his national security team on Afghanistan and Pakistan at the White House  

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  1. Yeah, he's meeting with Schäuble because Schäuble is the only real voice calling for haircuts in Greek debt. Timmah-the-Tax-Cheat wants to make sure he changes ol' Wolfgang's mind.