Friday, June 10, 2011

High Noon Showdown: Paul versus Bachmann

Writes The Hill's Brent Budowsky:
The real battle is not between Palin and Bachmann, but between Dr. Paul and Bachmann. Remember where you heard it. This will be a big story soon.

Ron Paul can stake a fair claim to being the father of the Tea Party movement. He has made his arguments intelligently and well for many years. Depending on the final field, he could emerge the kingmaker at the convention if his votes are near the ceiling of his potential, rather than the floor.

While I view Palin as a lightweight creation of television opiners who have a long history of being almost always wrong about politics, I have suggested for some time that Michele Bachmann is a major league player who should not be underestimated. Bachmann is hiring first-rate staff and has been brushing past Palin for some time now.

As the campaign gets serious and the debates get attention, watch the battle unfold between Paul and Bachmann in the high noon showdown on the right of the GOP.

Dr. Paul will have to get past Bachmann to approach the higher end of his potential support. Michele Bachmann will have to get past Paul and become the final candidate of the right.

You read it first right here on The Hill. The battle between Paul and Bachmann for the post position on the right will be one of the big stories in the 2012 campaign, very soon.


  1. I agree with Budowsky's assessment almost 100%. The only part I'd question is the "kingmaker" comment. I think the economic situation is going to be much worse than most non-austrians realize, and that may very well sweep Ron Paul into office. Bachmann supported the empire under Bush, and that will be her achilles heel.

  2. Who's Michelle Bachmann? Never heard of her.

    Does she have an impeccable voting record spanning decades and numerous books written on the subjects of liberty and dismantling the state? Does she possess knowledge of economics that allows for such accurate economic forecasting that it puts MIT and Harvard professors to shame? No? Oh, she's just some dumb broad that's riding the moronic Palin reality TV obsessed culture wave with the intention of using the state apparatus to limit the liberty of anyone who doesn't fit her idea of a perfect Christian nation? OK.

    It's no contest to anyone familiar with Ron Paul and his unwavering consistency and relentless pursuit of liberty over the years.