Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Japan Considering Radiation Guidelines for Beachgoers

Oh yeah, everything is going just fine in Japan.  Tokyo-based NYT reporter Hiroko Tabuchi, thumbs:
Yikes...Japan gov says it's considering setting radiation guidelines for beachgoers


  1. Here's a proper explanation. (in Japanese)
    They're expanding existing monitoring of water to include sea-water around beaches as the summer approaches.
    I'm not sure why that rates a "yikes". Perhaps he'd prefer to throw caution to the wind?

  2. Something may have been lost in translation -- In the Japanese press there is no mention of the setting of guidelines, only conducting inspections.
    *Btw, irrelevant point but "Lost in Translation" was a good movie.

  3. It is the Ibaraki prefectural government that is doing this. Ibaraki prefecture is located next to Fukushima prefecture to the South. I presume no one will be visiting the beach at the edge of the restricted zone on the coast of Fukushima Prefecture.

    The article doesn't state anything one way or the other about what the Japanese national government is doing in regards to the beaches.