Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Krugman Wins 2011 Gerald Loeb Award for Commentary

The UCLA Anderson School of Management has announced the 2011 Gerald Loeb Award winners. Paul Krugman won the award for Commentary. So who are the judges that determine the quality of Krugman's columns? Here they are:

Loeb Awards Final Judges:

RAFAT ALI, Founder,

AMANDA BENNETT, Executive Editor, Enterprise, Bloomberg News

MATTHEW BISHOP, New York Bureau Chief, The Economist

GENE BLOCH, Managing Editor, CNN New York

DAVID BOARDMAN, Executive Editor, The Seattle Times

CHRYSTIA FREELAND, Global Editor-at-Large, Thomson Reuters

JOHN HILLKIRK, Executive Editor, USA Today

LARRY KRAMER, Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Marketwatch

GLENN KRAMON, Assistant Managing Editor, The New York Times

JOANNE LIPMAN, Columnist, Newsweek / Principal, Surrey Lane Media

TYLER MATHISEN, Vice President for Strategic Editorial Initiatives, CNBC

MATT MURRAY, Deputy Managing Editor, National News, The Wall Street Journal

JUDY D. OLIAN, Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

ALLAN SLOAN, Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune

RUSS STANTON, Editor, Los Angeles Times

PAUL STEIGER, Editor-in-Chief, ProPublica

GILLIAN TETT, U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times

JONATHAN WALD, Executive Producer, Piers Morgan Tonight / Adjunct Professor, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

One wonders if anyone in this group has read Keynes' General Theory, Mises' Human Action Rothbard's History of Economic Thought, or even Henry Hazlitt's The Failure of the New Economics.

If not, one has to ask, what the hell are they basing their decision to award Krugman the award? Good vibes?


  1. Read DC. Explains a lot of it. Maybe even most of it.

  2. Lemmings on their forced march to the sea...

  3. I'm not a Krugman economics fan, but he's a brilliant commentator and justly recognized by the financial press. He agitates everyone and is listened to right and left. Silly to criticize recognizing it, no matter what your politics. The guy's brilliant and a useful voice that's listened to. By the way, most of these people live in NY not Washington--where hair-brained Congressmen from Kentucky, Minnesota and Utah (all growth powerhouses of note one might add) seem to rule.