Saturday, June 11, 2011

LBJ's Great-Grandkids Get Hifey on the West Coast

First the definition of hifey, from the streets of Oakland, via the Urban Dictionary:
To go crazy over something and not care what nobody thinks about you. You could be mad, happy, it don't matter. Don't make no mistake about it. This word comes from Oakland(The Town)CA,USA. This word is new to y'all but ancient to us. We been saying Hyphee since at least 1994. We don't even really say hifey no more. We say HUB!

We was in the "East" ridin' the strip with the doors open, gettin dumb hifey last night.
Here's CBS on LBJ's Great-Grandkids getting hifey in San Jose.

At least two people were stabbed and hospitalized, and three others injured after a massive brawl involving dozens of people broke out in the parking lot of a McDonald’s near San Jose State University...

Police said a small crowd started gathering before it quickly turned into a mob of more than 100 people, many of who began screaming, yelling, and throwing punches when a fight broke out....

Witnesses told CBS5 that the brawl was so big it looked like a riot. That kind of behavior isn’t surprising to some. One man, who only identified himself as “Julio,” said the area looks like a “war zone” late at night with groups of youngsters looking for trouble.

“Little 21-year-old gang bangers trying to punk all the older people,” he said. “I feel like you come down here you gotta watch your back.”
Watch the video, here.

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  1. This is just the latest example of violence in downtown SJ. There was also widespread fighting and vandalism on Cinco de Mayo.