Monday, June 13, 2011

Matt Latimer: Establishment Hitman?

I pointed out yesterday that Ron Paul was getting more and more respect from the more thoughtful in mainstream media and that "it will become obvious those still in rude attack mode against Ron Paul are the true hitmen of the establishment elite."

The Daily Beast's Matt Latimer has stepped up to the plate to demonstrate a fine example of  a rude attack on Ron Paul. Breaking down tonight's debate, Latimer writes this absurdity about Dr. Paul:
Ron Paul and the Case of the Missing Smile. The cult-favorite presidential candidate seems to think that Americans will elect him president in the hope that he’ll stop yelling at us. Tonight those of us watching will look again for elusive signs of a simple grin. Chance that Rep. Paul will crack a joke, take a breath, or offer a hearty chuckle: too small to be measurable.

BTW, Latimer was deputy director of speechwriting for George W. Bush and chief speechwriter for Donald Rumsfeld. Nuff said.


  1. What is it with former Bush speechwriters attacking Ron Paul?

  2. Ron Paul is a gentleman and a deeply thoughtful person. I worked with him at the hospital in Lake Jackson (after his run for President as a Libertarian). While other OB's offered histrionics, Dr. Paul calmly shared his professional opinions. He practiced conservatively.

    I don't recall him smiling a lot, but I do recall his wry sense of humor and an occasional smile.

    America offers narratives for President, which makes being a serious leader a liability.

  3. Ron Paul certainly doesn't have a big phony grin like many politicians but I've seen him smile plenty of times in interviews.

  4. I've noticed the MSM is inserting "perennial candidate" before Ron Paul's name a lot in order to minimize his candidacy. If you remove the Libertarian run 20 years ago, Ron has had the same number of runs as Romney -- exactly 2. If you insert the 20+ year-old Libertarian run, that in no way describes a "perennial candidacy" since there were 4 intervening presidential elections. The corruption of the MSM is amazing.

  5. He was cracking jokes (hilarious ones at that) left and right at the SC debate ... only person I recall there that garnered audible laughs from the crowd ... but whatever, why let facts get in the way of a biased narrative

  6. Um, wasn't one of the highlights of the last debate a joke by Paul about drugs?

  7. "crack a joke,take a breath or offer a hearty chuckle"

    Speechwriter:" For Pete sake, Mitt, at that point you're meant to crack the Joke, take a breath then offer a hearty chuckle, how many more times do we have to go over this"?
    Mitt: "and let my personally come through?"
    Speechwriter".........just follow the script"

  8. That's the trouble.

    Too many PR flaks and king-makers who want to make everything about photo-ops and infotainment.
    Too much catering to the lowest common denominator.

    If the public can't rise to Ron Paul's level, then too bad for the public. Maybe it needs to start cracking some econ texts and turning off Gawker or whatever else they're frying their brains in.