Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matt Taibbi on Matt Taibbi

Ouch. Luke Matthews mimics the Taibbi style to tell us about Taibbi:
Taibbi is a ludicrous dumb jock who managed to have a failed basketball career in three foreign countries, countries that don’t even care about basketball. This is tantamount being a failed Russian bandy player in America. [An obscure sport that only Russians have really perfected]. Taibbi has the kind of stupid former athlete look about him that suggests subpar intelligence and selfish cunning. His lupine features and hooded eyes suggest Taibbi would believe letting a date eat dinner before slipping her a Ruffie was a touch of class. His inability to hold onto a reporter job and reliance on far left appearances on Rachel Maddow and Air America show his oafishness and guile that are only really appropriate at Teamster beatings and SEIU organizing rallies. Taibbi shows himself to be a man without an original thought in his head or the ability to organize a coherent argument so he just steals them relying on his father’s position as a NBC reporter to keep him employed, somewhere, anywhere.


  1. Great minds think alike...
    I was going to take that quote out myself..
    Try some of your own medicine yourself, Matt. Hurts, doesn't it?

    On a more positive note, check this great piece by Anthony Gregory on LRC why conservatives and lefties hate libertarians in which he quotes
    Thad Russell:

    As the iconoclast Thad Russell puts it:

    I’m a man of the left. I was raised by socialists in Berkeley. I’ve always been on the left. I stumbled upon about three years ago. . . . This is what the left should be doing. This is what the left should be saying. . . . Libertarians like, like Ron Paul, have been the leading voices of the antiwar movement. They’ve been the most principled, the most consistent, no matter who’s president. They’ve been saying again and again and again: "These wars are disasters. The empire must end." And the left shuns them because they either think they’re shills for corporations or their racists or they don’t care about people. How could they not care about people if they’re the leading voices against killing people in our name?"

  2. Damn, that was harsh but great! Nice to see someone out Taibbi Mr. Taibbi

  3. @ Lila at 10:42

    Thanks for the Russell read. It is nearly exactly what happened to me when I read but 5 years ago (Bezerkeley parents and all).

  4. Actually, this piece by Taibbi on Weiner is very good...

    Maybe because he's defending the guy..and the rawness is good natured.

    I wish he's stick to attacking the system in general rather than picking on women to dump on.