Monday, June 20, 2011

Ron Paul Punches Out Matt Lauer

Ron Paul appeared this morning on the Today Show. Matt Lauer spent the entire time attempting to put Dr. Paul in a bad light. Watch the congressman smoothly handle Lauer's attack questions.



  1. He is definitely improving his "oratory" skills. Making an argument just for the idealistic/practical technicalities is not going to help.

    Its all about reaching the masses imagination.

    remember "yes we can" and "change in we can believe in" ???

    Humans are indeed sheep.

  2. Matt Lauer was civil but there's doubt he was trying to trip up Ron Paul. He did a great job of turning the tables.

  3. The only interviewer I've ever seen trip up Paul was Eliot Spitzer who basically lured him into a set up over the EPA.

  4. Here we go again. Brains over brawn, intellect over, well you get the message. This gentleman knows the truth and again reiterates with out stumbling or fumbling. I wish I would have known him forty years ago. A jewel for the American people, and the most do not know he exists.

  5. Video no longer works Wenzel.

  6. Here is a link that works.

  7. another link to the video:

    I think he defended his ideas quite well.

  8. The video was no longer available as of the morning of 6.21.2011 pst.

  9. let me preface my comment by saying that
    will never get the Nomination!

    Ok now we can begin to look at a few facts.
    Fact 1: Ayn Rand is the Patron Saint of the Religion of Libertarianism.
    Fact 2: Libertarianism is a complete worldview with its own Gods and Goddesses.
    Fact 3: the Libertarians are not Republicans they are -tarians.

    Fact 4: The Liberals in the Media are using Ayn Rand to drive a wedge between Christians and Libertarians which is fine by me. I would never vote for a or a -tarian.

    Facts 5, 6 and 7: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Papa won BIG Landslides without the help of the -tarians. In fact most -tarians despised them back then and still do today.
    NOTE: 2 out of the 3 Presidents listed above are known as 's by the -tarians who are in fact NOT actually Republicans! Basically the REAL 's (the -tarians) are calling everyone they disagree with the 's.

    In 1972 Richard Nixon won 49 out of 50 States.
    In 1980 Ronald Reagan won 44 out of 50 States.
    In 1984, despite between HATED by the Libertarians, Ronald Reagan won 49 States.
    In 1988 Papa won 40 States (while collected about 1/10 of 1% of the vote)

    Nixon, Reagan and Papa won BIG Landslides because Democrats voted for them in such large numbers that a new demographic had to be created in 1980 to explain the phenomenon. THE REAGAN Democrats.

    And the moral of this story is:
    The people who "seem to be" driving the Bus for the Republicans today were on the LOOSING side of the electoral map for over 40 years. But that is exactly what the Mafia wants. They want the biggest loosers in American History (the -tarians) to be in charge of the Party. And I can't blame them. They are just trying to win.

    In my opinion the only person that can stop is that so-called ' ' Mitt because like Reagan, Nixon and he alone has the capability to draw off a large number of votes.

    oh yeah did I mention that will never get the Nomination?

  10. Sometimes, rhetoric and ideas help speakers captivate their audience. It's within that well-thought structure that, even if it's void of necessary details, convinces people of one's intelligence and thus, skills in governance.