Friday, June 17, 2011

Tim Pawlenty Confetti-Bombed in San Francisco

Thursday in San Francisco, presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty was "confetti-bombed" by a Code Pink member. The Pinker dumped a box of pink confetti on the table he was using to sign books.

The Pinkers apparently want government involved in relationships between same-sex couples, who are otherwise minding their own business. It would have been more appropriate for the protester to dump chains, handcuffs and bullets, since that is ultimately what "gay rights" means.  Government rules and regulations enforced by gun toting police. You know where you can stick that.


  1. Code silence should be their name after their silent protesting of Obama continuing GWB's wars and starting a new one. I remember when this astro-turf group actually use to heatedly protest the wars. Now they are silent.

  2. Code stupid.

    I think they are probably well-meaning people, but after I saw them protesting something or other by going bare-breasted, I lost patience.

    It's a weird world when if you sent naked pictures or grab your crotch privately you're a pervert and harasser of chaste womenhood, but if you take if all off for the whole world, you are a noble activist (Code Pink..); the glamorous wife of the President (Carla Bruni); a beloved cultural icon (Michael Jackson)...
    Just saying...