Friday, June 10, 2011

Tokyo Riot Police to be Stationed at Tepco Shareholder Meeting

Japan’s National Police Agency will send riot squads to Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s annual general meeting this month to quell possible protests by shareholders and terror attacks,reports Bloomberg.

About 7,000 shareholders are expected to attend the June 28 meeting.

TEPCO owns the nuclear power plants that failed after the recent earthquake and tsunami. The stock is down 91%, since the crisis, prior to which the stock was generally considered a safe conservative investment. (This event may be a good object lesson in why diversification is important. Never put more than 10% of your money into one investment.)

The shareholder meeting is expected to go on for hours. Tepco had about 747,000 registered shareholders as of March 31. In past years, five police were generally sent to the meeting.

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